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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Remember when you bought "45s" and the flip side was often (pt. 2)? (Like Joey Dee & The Starlighters-The Peppermint Twist pt. 1 & The Peppermint Twist pt. 2) You don't remember? Then either you are suffering the effects of being an aging hippie (like me) or YOU'RE TOO DAMN YOUNG TO BE READING THIS!!...

So, speaking of being so damn young, how 'bout that Nathan Peoples?! What a treat to have Nathan playing in the band Thursday evening in Grinnell. And the treat is yours the next two nights! Quick, before he escapes back to Colorado:

This evening, Fri. 7/17, 5-7:30p, Ottumwa Live At 5! Downtown park, next to the Hotel Ottumwa. Hometown saxman Dave Sharp will join Nathan in the horn section and we'll be celebrating the Ottumwa Heights College Class of '79 reunion along with reconnecting with Blue People who have seen our band in Ottumwa for over a quarter of a century...

Saturday 7/18, The Pleasant Hill (eastern suburb of Des Moines) Summerfest. Hopefully, all Capitol City Blue People will be there to hear Nate play that saxophone one more time before he's off to the mountains again and to encourage him to move back to Ioway! (I asked him when he was moving home and he said "as soon as The Cubs win the World Series") (I'll be dead by then) (so will he) (still, it makes me want to root for the Cubbies) There's fun and family entertainment all day at this festival, The Blue Band plays 7-10pm. Wear yer Blue Band windbreaker cuz baby, it's gonna be a little cool out there!...

Then Sunday, 7/19 it's on to Red Oak to play for the Pork Belly Ventures RAGBRAI party. Here's what it says on our chat page: Pork Belly Ventures is an independent company whose business is selling camping support to people who ride RAGBRAI. They set up a large camp and provide support (showers/food/shelter/CAKE) to a few hundred people. They are hiring us to provide entertainment from 6-8pm on their campgrounds which is located at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 1510 Highland Ave, in Red Oak. Last year, virtually anyone could come to the show. If you have trouble, feel free to say WE'RE WITH THE BAND!...

Davis checked in and says things are going well in his new job at Kaplan University. Unfortunately, that means no time to be the Blue bass player. I'm going to miss his great voice and stage energy. Fortunately, Mark Linda and Martin Watson have been able to step in on short notice and do fabulous work. We're hoping to make a good impression on both of those guys so they'll consider joining us full-time. In the meantime, spread the word to all bassmen/women that we're looking for that fat bottom end...!

I got some real nice, encouraging, emails and voice messages about my new blues show on Iowa Public Radio. The debut of the program (Blue Avenue) was last Sunday. I hope you can join me this week, and every Sunday evening, 5-6:30p, for all kinds of blues music, followed by the Sunday Night Beatles Medley in it's new time slot, 6:30-7pm. This week, The Beatles as a blues band! Find your local frequency or listen on line at

I'm amazed that my body has held up as well as it has this month. (only 3 chiro adjustments in 18 days) By the time we're all back home Sunday night, we will have played 10 one-nighters in 18 days and driven about 2000 miles! See yas on the Blue Highway, watch out for 15,000 bike riders in the middle of the road (why don't we do it in the road?) Speaking of the Beatles, wasn't it fun seeing Paul McCartney on the Letterman show last night?! All Sir Paul needed with that dapper shirt was a ZYDECO TIE! Perhaps he'll show up in Ottumwa to get one. (or not) Always remember we love you, yeah yeah yeah...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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