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Monday, March 31, 2008

Blues Historian Review: Sean Costello, We Can Get Together

Sean Costello is a young man with an old mans soul. His newest disc, We Can Get Together, is a nice combination of blues, soul, and even some old time spirituals, that to my ear comes from an artist much more mature than a guy who hasn't even hit his 30th birthday. His opening song Anytime You Want, is a classic. A Rollicking blues tune with smoky vocals that just screams like some honky tonk/ juke joint hit from the 50s to the 70s. Same Old Game follow the same path with some gritty vocals and tasty guitar work. After two great blues tunes Costello follows up with a nice soul tune called, Can't Let Go. Just like any working blues band today, Costello and company knows that you can't live on the blues alone, and Can't Let Go delivers some sweet, sweet soul music. Told Me A Lie, is a funky song with a sousaphone, and accordion! The chorus has a nice spiritual feel to it, and the sousaphone, which is very much like a tuba gives the song almost a New Orleans funeral/second line sound. Returning back to the blues is the song Hard Luck Woman, raunchy, smoking and a great guitar line, make this a great tune. How In The Devil is classic Chicago Blues, and the band even does the odd count at the turn around, just like a classic Muddy or Wolf tune. Costello returns to Soul music with a nice melodic tune called, Have You No Shame. It reminds me of some classic Clapton tunes from the mid 70s. Finally a slow blues tune Going Home follows. Going Home is a traditional spiritual song, but this is played much more like a grooving slow blues in the tradition of the old Malaco sides. All This Time is a return to classic soul, while Feel Like I Ain't Got A Home, is a blues rock tune. Costello ends his CD with Little Birds. The song starts off with slide guitar and has a delta feel to it. This is a great CD that features a tight band. Costello also has great tone on his guitar. His ability to jump from style to style is remarkable. Many player are good at one type of blues, but Costello seems to be able to incorporate many different ways of playing the blues, and yet he maintains his own unique style. If you are into classic blues, or you are a hardcore blues fan than this is the disc to buy.

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