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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bob Dorr Update

By Bob Dorr

I know that I told you that there probably wouldn't be a Blue Note this week, but some cool stuff has come up and I thought I'd share it. (I'm feeling a little embarrassed because of the "down" tone of last week's note) So, gimme some GOOD news:

It seems like every gig, someone comes up and asks how Nathan is doing in Texas. I admit that I've been holding back some news for a couple weeks, but it's now officially offical! Theresa is pregnant and it looks like yet another generation of Peoples horn players is on the way! Nate is slowly weening his way from the Target store employment by taking on more and more sax students and currently has 10 band gigs lined up for this month. (The Blue Band only has 2 gigs this month!) I'm proud of that kid. I'm his "uncle" ya know! Congrats Nathan and Theresa! Speaking of Nathan's uncle, how 'bout that trumpet player-Al Naylor-who's been playing with the band lately?! Back when I was in college in the early 70s, Al played in a band with Nate's dad Jerry called Sisters. They were the BADDEST, horn driven, 10 piece band I've ever personally known. I idolized those guys and I'm sure their big band/family-vibe approach had a major influence on the sound and vibe of The Blue Band today. Last Fall, Al was playing in a band that was on stage right before us and I reconnected with him for the first time in about 10 years. (he actually played on a song or two on a couple of records we made in the mid-80s) I started telling him about "this kid sax player that's in The Blue Band these days has charted out all the tunes, so you'll have to come and play with us some time" So Al says, "oh yeah, is that Nathan Peoples?" and that's when Nathan pulls up, jumps out of the car and says "UNCLE AL!" It turns out that Al spent so much time at the Peoples house when Nathan was about a year old that Nathan actually thought Al was his uncle! Al also was a founding member of The Salsa Band and played with them for 20 years. He is also a state-wide, noted, (pun intended) music educator. I am in awe of him, so I'm stunned to tell you that Al wants to become a regular member of The Blue Band and do as many dates with us as possible in the coming year! So now Nathan has TWO uncles in the Blue Band!...(that was a long story to get to that punch line, wasn't it?)...

So anyway, we're hosting our monthly TGIF party at The Hub, 4th & Main, here in Sparkle City, Friday night (4/4) 5:45-9:00pm. Heath is making the trip from Des Moines to play sax and Al says he's going to be in town for other business, so he's gonna slide by to give us that horn section sound AND our long-time friend Bob Guthart has promised to bring one of his guitars and sit in for a few tunes (Bob owns Bob's Guitars in Cedar Falls and will somehow have to decide which of his FOUR HUNDRED guitars he's going to play with us!) Sounds like fun to me! BRING CAKE!...

Then it's on to Iowa Public Radio fundraising, literally starting minutes after the last note at The Hub. My local music show Down On The Corner runs 9-11pm Friday night and will be comprised entirely of live recordings, mostly recorded and produced by long-time Blue Band sound tech/advisor Phil Maass. (who's REAL job is that of Special Events Producer and Wizard of Wires, Solder, and Knobs at KUNI) You'll be amazed at the great quality of those live recordings and hopefully phone in a pledge so Phil will be able to go out and make more, great, exclusive Iowa Public Radio recordings for us in the coming year. The pledge number is 800-861-8000. If I don't get ya Friday night, how 'bout a pledge during my rock'n'roll history show Backtracks on Saturday (7-10p) or during Sunday Night Music 6-10pm? Pledge anytime at The fun-drive runs 4/4-4/11 and I will be doing some other begging at various times during the week. Make a pledge. I need the job! (did I happen to mention that we only have TWO Blue Band gigs this month?!)...

With the IPR fundrive all next week and no Blue Band gig, there will absotively, posilutely be NO Blue Note next week. Enjoy the Spring, don't step on yer crocus, enjoy the Tulips (of the one you love) keep workin' on that zydeco tie solo, wish Jeff a Happy Birthday, and celebrate yer uncle by bringing CAKE! We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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