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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Candye Kane Needs Your Help!!

Just got this email from the Rusty Wright Band about Candye Kane needing some help with her transportation. This is a big issue, and we can all help out our favorite blues diva. By clicking on the post title, or on the link below you can donate to a pay pal account to help her out. For more info just read the letter below.

Dear fellow Blues musicians and Blues lovers,

One of our own is in a jam and could really use a helping hand.
Touring Blues diva Candye Kane has had a horrendous streak of rotten
luck this week with her tour van. This has resulted in one missed show
already this week, lost income, and additional hotel expenses and
mechanic bills she was ill prepared for.

We're musicians too. We've been in her predicament. It sucks.

Fifteen years ago this week I white knuckled it all the way from
Northern Nebraska to Michigan in a van with a cracked engine block.
When you're a full-time musician, cash is always in short supply for
costly repairs like that so we surely sympathize with Candye's
predicament. My Nebraska adventure was the final straw that made me
give up my full time music career and life on the road for many years.

We've never met Candye but after reading about her troubles on her
Yahoo fan forum we felt compelled to help . Rusty and I got in touch
with her via email and she gave us permission to set up a donation page
through PayPal. The link is On
that webpage you will find more details and a Donate button at the
bottom of the page.

You don't need a Paypal account to make a contribution and all monies
go directly to Candye's personal Paypal account. We have no access to
the donations that come her way and all transactions are secure.

Prefer to help in another way? Go to her website
and buy a CD. Better yet, buy several. CDs make great stocking stuffers.

To get this snowball rolling downhill and to put money where our mouth
is, Rusty and I have kicked things off with a $50 contribution to the
cause. Won't you join us in assisting a damsel in distress? Any
gesture of support and compassion would be welcome and greatly
appreciated by Ms. Kane. We realize that times are tight and
the holidays are coming but even five bucks or a dollar can make a
difference. It all adds up.

Unfamiliar with Candye's music? If you're a Blues Revue Magazine
subscriber you probably received the latest issue and compilation CD
in the mail this week. Skip to track # 6 to hear I'm Lucky, a really
great tune (and an ironic song choice) from Candye's latest CD,
Guitar'd & Feathered which has gotten rave reviews everywhere.

Thanks for allowing us to post this message.

All the best,
Laurie & Rusty Wright
Rusty Wright Band

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