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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beatles: Dont Let Me Down

I am feeling nostalgic tonight. The moment I first saw Let It Be, I wanted to play a concert on a roof top. The movie itself is pretty painful to watch. It is almost like watching a train wreck. It is really about the break up of the Beatles. As a fan of the band, and of all four of the guys in the band it is almost a sicking feeling watching them fight and bicker. But, when they get up on the rooftop and put aside all their differences the magic happens once again! It makes it worth while to sit through all of that angst just to see them making great music again. I suppose in away this is typical of almost every band. I think as musicians we fail to realize the happiness we bring to our fans, and when one band breaks up and another forms, it truly is like starting over. When we do that we disappoint those who followed the previous bands. Of course, as a fan we need to realize that a band is like a moment in time. It is there, it is beautiful, and then it is gone. Lucky for us we live in a time of audio and video recording so we can at least relive those moments. So enjoy the Beatles on the roof top one more time.

Ryan sent me this video of Taylor Hicks covering Don't Let Me Down. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice rendition of Don't Let Me Down. Another take on the song from Hicks:


Anonymous said...

One of my fave Beatles songs! Taylor does a pretty good job.

Anonymous said...

this version of DLMD is very good
also enjoed the other videos you have up of T. Hicks

you have a very nice site and am enjoying my wanderings

Anonymous said...

hmmm - no edit and a too quick finger - how embarrassing on a first post
enjoed = enjoyed obviously!

Anonymous said...

"a band is like a moment in time. It is there, it is beautiful, and then it is gone."
well said.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ryan for sending the video and thank you bluesman for adding it. I have always loved this song and Taylor does a fine, fine job singing it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for both of these!
Really appreciate Bluesman that you include other good music on this blues site. It's all VERY related. Love this performance by the Beatles and....I have become a rabid Taylor appreciator.
BTW Xena, I REALLY REALLY like the link you included with additional version of this by Taylor Hicks. Don't know why but love the expressions on his face and manner of that performance in your link. Wow.

Anonymous said...

As always, I enjoy my visit to your site to check out the daily offerings.

Taylor Hicks' versions of Don't Let Me Down were a distinct crowd pleaser on his concert tours this year. I'm so happy you were able to post the videos for others to view and enjoy.

Thanks, Bluesman!

Anonymous said...

Love Taylor Hicks singing the Beatles.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bluesman. That was a lovely, mellow way to end a whirlwind week. I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Taylor do this live on his 2007 tour, and he does it justice. Actually, he does every song justice. Thanks again and God bless!

Kathleen (aka kaitlin45)

Anonymous said...

Just love "Dont let me down" it was nice to see both versions of the song side by side.
The sax really was great added to this song and sounds like the crowd liked it too!
Have just discovered this blog and it really is a good one! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Bluesman, that Beatles video is my absolute favorite. I really never could stand the stupid videos of them running through fields and other nonsense. Give me a video of honest real musicians creating great music and I'll thank you.

I really love the Taylor Hicks version of this song. The addition of the saxophone really changed it up and added a lot to the song in my opinion. That excellent sax player is Brian Gallagher. Of course Taylor's vocals really fit a song like this. When he can wail out a song, he's at his best.

It is hard as a fan to see bands that you have followed break up. Sometimes we forget that they are human and this is their job. Most people have to change jobs at some point in their life.

I've been lucky to see Taylor Hicks and this band more than once during their recent tour and we have no way of knowing if this group of musicians will be back together for another tour or not. We all hope so because by the end of the summer they had jelled into one kick-ass band that played everything well from soul to jazz, funk, blues,some pop, and even a little country chickin' pickin' guitar work the last few gigs thanks to Taylor's lead guitarist, Josh Smith. Other members of the band that are all very talented were Al Carty on bass, Felix Pollard on drums and Loren Gold on keyboards.

By the way, great site.

Anonymous said...

Taylor does an awesome version of this song.Thanks for posting it ! I agree with everyone about the band they are amazing together and put on a show that has to be seen to be believed!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the way Taylor does this song...even when he messes with the lyrics...ha!! Thanks for sharing this video!

Judy said...

Great version by Taylor! Love it! Thanks for posting..

Anonymous said...

New link for the funkified Don't Let Me Down 7/6/06. It was filmed by Krunkgroovy.