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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blues On The Internet

Since Internet radio is in danger, and the weekends are slow for blues news I have decided to start a few new things. First on Saturdays I am starting the Saturday Night Fish Fry, which will showcase a blues internet station. Then if you click on the link you will be treated to the best of the blues on the internet. I will keep this up every Saturday until the government shuts it down.

So a day late, but nonetheless this is our first Internet Radio Station. This is Bluebird Blues Radio. Bluebird is run by Big Tom in England. I don't know much about Big T, since he doesn't have a lot of info on his page. however, once you click on the Bluebird Blues Radio link, then find the yellow circle with the speaker on it and press it and listen! It is great stuff. I have been listening to his show for a few minutes now, and it is great. It has a few strange commercials, but hey its free!


Anonymous said...


Big Tom here. Just came across your blog posting about the station. Thanks for the comments. Spookily enough I shall also be in Chicago for this year's blues festival. Flying out tomorrow (6th).

Yes, you're right. There isn't a lot of info about me on the site. I'm not trying to be enigmatic I can assure you.:) If you want to know more about yours truly you could do worse than checking out the website of the band, 3 Blind Mice which has a little bit about me there. You can find it under "Mouseketeers" at .

The adverts I have no control over unfortunately. That's part of the deal for free listening.

All the best

Big Tom

Blues Historian said...

Hi Big Tom

great radio station. I hope you can stay on the air. the new fees coming on July 15th will probably put a lot of blues stations off the air. At least those located in the states.

Thanks for keep the blues alive!

Tom Gary