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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Well here we go! The pressure is on. I've been joking that the reason my marriage seems to be going so well is that "she lives in her house and I live in mine"! That's set to change in 25 days! More after the important stuff...
Tomorrow night (Sat. 8/7) has us on the newly refurbished stage in downtown Central Park at the Celebrate Washington (the town south of Iowa City, not our nation's Capitol) Festival. There's music all day long, kids activities, beer tent, (but not kids activities IN the beer tent) refreshment vendors (no word as to if there is a CAKE walk or not) and a promised return of (now) 10 year old Adam Todd to play guitar with us on I Dig Your Wig, plus the added bonus of Adam's older (maybe 13) brother Nich on bass! (yes, I'm gearing up for the NEXT 30 years of the Blue Band) You might recall Adam "sitting in" with us at the State Fair last year (!/video/video.php?v=141224877616&subj=100000167776066) It brings a genuine smile to my face to see really young kids loving to play music. We play 9-midnight, Adam and Nich are scheduled to play at the end of the first set, or get there early to catch their band Starbolt, playing right before us...
Sunday afternoon marks our return to the Summerset Winery in Indianola (just a few miles south of Des Moines) ( Last year was our first time at this storied vineyard that has been hosting live music nearly every week (even in the winter time) for many years. It's an honor and a pleasure to be invited back. Lots of wining, no whining. We play 3-6pm...
Upcoming shows include: Friday the 13th (Road Manager Dennis MacRunnel's birthday) (somebody bring CAKE) at the Winding Stairs Festival in Traer, Saturday the 14th at the Cedar Trails Festival Night Ride, right here in Sparkle City, and Sat/Sun August 21/22 at The Iowa State Fair...
The reason that this note did not go out at it's usual dead-of-night time is that I fell asleep at the computer. Maybe that's because we're workin' overtime to ready the newly remodeled abode for my wife to move in! The plumber is putting the final touches on installing the bathroom sink as I write this. The rest of the small details should be finished in the next week. (I'm sure I just jinxed this, as I've been saying things should be finished in a week for about two months now) But the biggest reason I think we're finally going to live in the same house is that Carolyn has accepted an offer on the sale of her house! (whew, I was wondering how we were gonna pay the remodeling bill!) The buyer wants to take possession on Aug. 31. YIKES! That's just 25 days from today! This is all very exciting and scary for both of us. OK, I admit it, I am difficult to live with. Just my weird hours are "challenging" to be around and remember, we tried living together once before. That didn't turn out so good. But that was before I quit drinking! Both of us are simultaneously apprehensive and excited. Will I possibly be able to keep the kitchen clean enough to meet her standards? Will she ever be able to live with the total disarray and hoarding tendencies of my downstairs office? Will watching TV with the volume BLARING at 4am mess with her sleep habits? Will having the TV volume BLARING at 6:30am while she gets ready for work mess with my sleep habits? Is there enough CAKE in the world to mitigate all the potential problems?! We're gonna find out REAL soon. Stay tuned...
Speaking of being tuned in, I'm going to be on WHO radio's noon program The Big Show about 12:15 this afternoon (yes in about an hour from now) The station is heard "coast to coast, border to border, and then some" at 1040 on the AM dial. We'll be talking mostly about this 25th anniversary year of The Blue Band's first appearance at The Fair (yer kiddin' me, a quarter century at The Fair?) (time does fly when yer havin' CAKE on a stick) Tune in and turn me on...
NEWS FLASH: just got this note from the Director of the Liberty Centre Blues and Bar-B-Que Festival in North Liberty:
Hey Bob, Hope all is well. I wanted you to know we created a video of your performance at the 2010 Liberty Centre Blues & BBQ. You can view it at Feel free to link to it, put it on your site, whatever. People love that you came to the party!
I sure hope that means we'll be invited back to that cool festival for next year's 30th Anniversary Tour!
I gotta go harass the contractor about the lack of covers on the heating registers, the broken window, (that fell on the painter's head!) some missing ceiling panels and the fact that there does not seem to be any screens on the newly installed windows. See yas on the Blue Highway, play yer washboard tie to the tune of Got To Move, make yer list of what food on a stick yer gonna have at this year's Fair, and always remember we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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