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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taylor Hicks: Taking It To The Streets

Just received this video via email of Taylor Hicks performing an old Doobie Brothers song.  check out the sax player when he plays two saxs at the same time!  cool clip!  Thanks!


medolark said...

Thanks Tom for posting this vid. We all appreciate your support of Taylor. It's so great to see Taylor back in action. The sax player is Jeff Lopez from Taylor's pre idol band. Ü

tishlp said...

That will get you going in the morning, right? I first saw Jeff play 2 saxophones at once when Taylor had his home visit during Idol & played at the Birmingham Fox station with his band. It's a great group of musicians. Thanks for the video. :-)

Gr8fulheart said...

What can I say! Another HOT performance by Taylor! Yes~Jeff is definately a talented musician.
Thanx so much Tom, for posting this video on your site for others to enjoy.♥