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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blues Historian Review: Tail Dragger Live At Rooster's Lounge

I received this from the good folks at Delmark last Christmas, and I have enjoyed watching this disc.  Tail Dragger is one of those old time blues musicians that the Wall Street Journal doesn't know about when they say the blues is dead.  Tail Dragger mesmerizes the crowd with his down home Chicago blues.  I love the way he plays with the crowd, and the magic in this guys eyes as he works the ladies.  Tail Dragger may have snow on the mountain top but there is a fire down below! (Wolf??  Muddy?? one of them sang it:-)  Tail Dragger has an equally amazing guest,the legendary Jimmy Dawkins (another bluesman that the Wall Street Journal should listen to)  Tail Draggers band includes, Rockin Johnny, Kevin Shanahan, Martin Lang, Rob Lorenz and Todd Fackler.  These guys are great, they know the drill, they follow along, and take their leads, just like a great band should.  If you want to see why the blues is still alive and well in Chicago, no thanks to the Wall Street Journal, then buy this DVD!

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