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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blues Historian Review: Willie Buck, The Life I Love

Another disc sent to me from my friends at Delmark, is the retro recording of Willie Buck.  Willie Buck and his band recorded the first part of the disc in 1982 at Sky Hero in Chicago, the last five songs were recorded live in 1984 at Robert's 500 Room in Chicago.  This is an interesting disc.  It fluctuates from a John Lee Hooker free form blues, to structured Chicago blues.  However, regardless if the band is changing the time, or the form from 12 bar, to 13, or 15 bar blues, Buck has an amazing voice that is a cross between Muddy, and Wolf.  It is an interesting combination of gutsy, raw, and melodic.  While I am not sure if it is the band, or Buck, who mixes things up with the changing counts, they still deliver a great if sometimes awkward punch.  The amazing John Primer is playing on the studio recording, and he is helped out by Louis Meyer.  It is interesting how Primer is on the right channel, while Meyer is on the left.  What is cool is you can pick out who is playing and both do a great job.  This is a cool disc and Willie Buck is still out there in Chicago playing the blues, so buy his disc, and check him out.

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