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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks: New York State Of Mind

Taylor Hicks doing an incredible acoustic version of a classic Billy Joel song. It is kinda of a jazzy, blues song, and Hicks has some pipes. Also for those not into Hicks, he just signed a recording contract with Vangard records, and has Delbert McClinton on at least one of those tracks. I keep telling you that Taylor Hicks is the real deal. He certainly surprised me the first time I heard him away from American Idol. If anything that was perhaps the worst that could have happened to his career. I believe many people don't take him seriously and they are making a mistake. Give him a listen just once and trust me you will like it:-)


Anonymous said...

Tom I agree with you --that Taylor is the real deal. Thanks once again. Ü

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable singing! With the right material, this guy will blow the music industry sky high.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Taylor Hicks is the "real deal" and a genuinely nice guy, as well! Thank you for your the video and for the kind words about TH.

juliegr said...

An excellent performance. Thanks for helping introduce others to the bluesy, jazzy side of a true treasure.

Anonymous said...

Love this, and as always, Taylor was giving us a "hint." It was only a few days after this video was filmed at a charity auction in his home state of AL, that Taylor announced he would be acting in "Grease" on Broadway for the summer. He'd be living in NY for three months - while writing and recording his new album.

That news, coming so soon after this acoustic set, was disconcerting to many of his fans, who thought that Broadway wasn't the right "move" for him.
It didn't take long, however, for the Soul Patrol to realize that it just may have been one of the best decisions of his career so far.

This three-month stint in "Grease" has not only given him the time and money to work on his new cd, but has brought his name back into the public consciousness, and has shown yet another side of our guy. It's also provided a venue where his fans can go and hear him live, while they wait for him to finish and tour the new album.

"A New York State of Mind" - Indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hicks has been working with Tom Hambridge, too

Anonymous said...

I guess all the above have just about covered everything! Yes~AI did little to catapult Taylor into stardom, but we know, he was already a star! Now, with his genuine abilities, freedom & a positive look into his future; & of course, with his beloved 'Soul Patrol' behind him, we are gonna see some very big advances in his career taking front & center. For those who ask, "Where is Taylor Hicks"; fasten your seatbelts!
Love this version of NYSOM! Oh~Those Vocals & facial expressions!
May angels continue to surround you Taylor wherever you travel♥

tishlp said...

Oh my, this brings back memories. I was lucky enough to be there and the whole set was magic. That's another one of Taylor's talents, he puts together great sets. He sang 7 songs that night, starting off with a "wake you up version" of Call Me The Breeze, then Van Morrison's Moondance, a song I had been wanting to hear from Taylor and he didn't disappoint. That was followed by Taylor's original, Soul Thing, always a crowd pleaser, then that wonderful version of New York State of Mind. This was followed by The Runaround, a feel good "get up and move" song from his CD which usually is played with a full band because the drum solo at the beginning plays a big part, but I didn't miss the drums. Next was a surprise, On And On. I had never heard Taylor sing this one and it was special, one of my favorite moments of the night. Finally he ended the set with Where I'm From, which some people call Alabama State of Mind since Taylor sings it with those words. It was a beautiful version and the perfect ending to a perfect night. Thanks for posting the video and bringing back those memories.