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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kokp Taylor In Debt To The IRS

Thanks to Sabrina for the tip!

Here is an article in Forbes (Click Here to read about it) about the Queen of the blues Koko Taylor who has run afoul of the IRS. I am not anti tax, or anti IRS, but it is stuff like this that makes the IRS look bad. Koko is sick, and in a wheelchair. She doesnt have anywhere near the number of gigs that she had just a few years ago, and now the taxman wants to take what little she has left. I certainly hope someone in the Chicago area can step up and help Koko out. Koko owes around 400,000 dollars. I know that is probably too much money for the local blues cats to raise up. However, someone who is worth millions and gives away cars, could pay that off easily. Someone who does great things for people who are less off, and think of the TV ratings! Hmmmmm, I wonder who in Chicago could do that????? Just wishful thinking on my part.

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