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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alice Cooper: Schools Out

Sort of blues, but really just a great song for the moment. I remember the first time I heard it in the mid 70s. It was early June I was on my bike sitting on top of a hill that over looked the legendary Riverview Park. Down below the Himalaya, which was a cool ride that basically went around in a circle like a merry go round, but five times faster, was blaring Schools Out by Alice Kooper just in time for the end of school. Ah yes! The good old days of being a kid, out of school, on a bike enjoying a warm summer day! This song also became a tradition of one of my bosses when the last day of school came around. He would get in the gym with the lights off and crank the song up on the speakers, and just stand and listen to the song.
As for my career changes. Many of you have known I was looking for work, and I did find another job here in the frozen tundra of NW Iowa! So I am here for at least another year. However, I am returning to my roots, and teaching art again! I am excited about the change and glad to get the chance to return to the classroom.
So with summer around hopefully I will get the chance to post more, and if gas prices drop perhaps I will get the chance to catch some blues fests. However, I am pretty skeptical about gas getting to the point where I am going to be able to travel like I want to. I have already canceled a trip to Chicago, and I known I am not going to make it to KC like I have wanted to. Even with free passses that I have recieved for some festivals, gas and hotels, are just too much for me to take off and get a chance to enjoy some blues. Yet, with that said I hope that you take the time to frequent your local blues bands and performers. You would be amazed at how great these local guys can play the blues. If you don't believe me then click on my interent radio show that is filled with IOWA blues artists! Yes, everyone one of the bands and performers you hear on my radio show are local artists from Iowa! ( I did add Big Bill Broonzy because he lived in Ames for a year:-)
So enjoy the summer! School is out so drive safe, and look out for the kids!

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