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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Biography and review of Eric Clapton's New Book

click here for a LA Times, review of Clapton's new book Clapton: The Autobiography. You might need a membership to read the article, but the La Times is free, and worth it. Much like the New York Times, the LA Times, has some great articles. I do understand that some of you that check the right side of the political box, have this bizarre belief that both these papers are liberal propaganda, but really think about it for a moment. Both of those papers are owned by huge corporations, and large corporations are very much conservative, and big time capitalists. Don't you think that they would get rid of those nasty liberals SINCE THEY OWN THE PLACE???? I hate to tell you this, but even Hollywood is run by corporations. hmmmmmmmmm, strange world we live in isn't it??????

All I can say is get over it, get a membership, and read a great article about Clapton. It will do you good:-)

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