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Monday, October 8, 2007

Young Jesse

I found a short clip of Young Jesse on Youtube! It is only a minute long, but it is nice to see he is still out there doing it!

Here is another short clip. this one is from the Rhythm Riot, which is a cool fest in
England that seeks out the forgotten blues, rhythm and blues, and doo wop artists.


Lu said...

If you've never heard him do it, I wish you could hear Shuffle in the gravel. I LOVE that one! Since it was only released on a 45, it's a rare one to find. If anyone finds that on an album, PLEASE let me know. I do have an audio of the song. Any info appreciated! THANKS Bluesman!!!!!!!

Annie said...

I've found a website where one can hear Shuffle...put name of song in search and this gal has it. Be aware though, other pages on this site have graphic language heh heh. Some good music. Think its from England.
(that is andromedia number 1 not L)
bluesman, go ahead and delete this if you don't want these links. thanks again. so good to hear of Young Jesse.