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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Rocking Blues Medly

Jan shot this nice video of Taylor Hicks playing down at Antoine's in Austin.


JAG said...

Jan thanks for sending this over,he was smokin hot that night.Someday I hope to see him in a venue such as Antoines.Bluesman thanks for posting this !!

Jan said...

jag: Someday I hope to meet you at Antone's the next LiMBO or Taylor comes around.

Annie said...

Thanks for these videos! I have much appreciation for Taylor Hicks in that he has exposed to a new generation and promoted so many former blues, R&B legends and other unsung greats as well as new music in these genres to another generation. The discusions I have come across on blogs show an exploration and excitement that delights me. Keep track of this guy! Thanks again!

JAG said...

Jan,it would be great to meet you also,I hope the dream of seeing Taylor in a venue like Antoines' becomes a reality !

tishlp said...

I was there that night and it was wonderful. That's Taylor's former band, now known as the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra. He still plays with them sometimes. That was my first time to hear Taylor sing live and I'll never forget it. I hope he comes back to Antone's someday.

Anonymous said...

Bluesman, check out the harp playing on this audio at: of aint no sunshine.