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Friday, September 14, 2007

You Got To Be Kidding!!

Okay, hype is one thing, but this is ridiculous. There is a band from Knutsford England, Blues and Snake, that is some sort of combo of thrash metal, blues, (trust me barely blues, but it is in there especially the song dirty women from their myspace page. Of course dirty woman starts out okay, until the guy sings and ruins it, and I thought the Germans couldn't sing! ACK!!! It reminds of the German punk band Labach from the 70s.) However, it is the article from Manchester Evening News that really bothered me. First, why call them anything close to a blues band or a slice of delta blues like the title. If this is the future of the blues, then it is time to put the blues out of its misery, because this is NOT THE BLUES. I sorry, I actually understand the teen angst thing, and the need for loud screaming obnoxious music, but kids, stick to the punk, and metal, and leave the blues to the old guys. Second, why all this crap about Robert Johnson! For the Millionth time it was TOMMY JOHNSON who sold his soul to the devil not Robert. Here is what David Sue wrote about the band.

But much like Jack and Meg White, Blues& Snake know that when it comes to SERIOUS blues music, you have a duty to create your own sense of dark, twisted theatre. These four, pasty-white kids, who hail originally from glamorous Knutsford, transplant the listener to the mythical crossroads where Robert Johnson made a pact with the devil.
Serious Blues music!!! Oh please! Get over yourself. 90 percent of blues, is music to chase the blues away. WTF is this creating a dark twisted theater about?????? Serisouly, Dave, get the history straight. Dont be so damn lazy, and just pull things, as they say in jolly ol England, OUT OF YOUR ARSE, . BTW, if you want to know what the lyrics for Crossroads is really talking about, and the true story of Robert Johnson then read this POST.

However, we can't let the kids off easy. Here is a quote from the article from them:

"The best blues is all about putting on an act,'' says the band's guitarist Paul Vickers. ``It's all about drawing the listener into your world. Of course, we're not 100-year-old bluesmen who hang about with prostitutes! We're 20-year-olds from the north of England. But it's important to create a world which draws people in. It's all quite tongue-in-cheek what we talk about in our songs.''

HUH?!??!?!?!?!?! Putting on an act?!?!?? Okay, maybe Elwood, and Jake Blues were putting on an act, BUT THEY WEREN'T REAL. Clapton??? Is he putting on act?? BB???? Muddy???? hmmmmmmmmm. Putting on a show, yes, putting on an act no. I can see your confusion, I mean the Stones, and Zeplin were putting on an act when they did blues song, but the real deal bluesman, no way. Furthermore what is the bit about 100 year old bluesmen and prostitutes??? hmmmmm, must be an English thing.

I think the bottom line, is that you need to respect the music, respect the players who came before you, and respect the history, because if you don't then you are just another rock/metal/punk band pretending to be a blues band, and trust me guys, people who know and love the blues don't take kindly to posers.


Check out the comments. Ash from the band has corrected information from the reporter. Like always the guy who wrote the story waxed a little too poetically about the band, and added quotes that they didn't say, or that they called themselves a blues band. I like the kids honesty, and I also realize that reporters are pretty lazy. Like I always say, if you like something don't rely on the critics. BUY THE CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

dear bluesman,

i'm glad you've taken an interest in the snake. please be aware that our band is only CALLED blues & snake, this means alot of people like to assume that we are a blues band and occasionally the use of harmonica does give it a bluesy sound, but please be aware that we did not write this article and only made reference ONCE to enjoying and origionally taking some influence from leadbelly. we didn't say "the best blues is about putting on an act" we said our song lyrics were not true/acted in a way, the guy who printed it put that in. we didn't say much about blues music to this guy oh, but as for the 100 year old bluesmen and prostitutes, that is an english thing, no worries.
I have a great respect for music and as far as i'm concerned i'm in a hardcore band that has some blues characteristics trying to create something new/interesting and i will continue to write music how i like to.
not bad though, you got a few good digs in there,
take care.
be cool.

Anonymous said...

hello there to you both blues man and ash.

i read your blog and have to say a couple of things, bluesman: you seem to be hitting musical snobbery of people(or bands) that know less than yourself, i've heard blues & snakes "godamn" demo and it is actually quite bluesy in respect to what they have on they're myspace, and you must know that all journalists, reporters, and any other media bend and twist things to make them sound like they want them to.
Ash: like the songs, they have a nice feel to them and move well, keep up the good work.

Blues Historian said...

HI guys

I do know that reporters are idiots. Trust me, they are a pretty lazy bunch. My only concern is that if you are trying to pass yourself off as a blues band, then perhaps you need to dig a little deeper into the blues. I think you music is fine, and you should keep doing what makes you happy. Just be honest with what you are doing. Blues fans, for the most part are an open minded group, but they do like people to respect the music. The gentleman who wrote the article really didn't understand, or try to understand the blues. He basically pulled most of that article out of his arse. That certainly is not your fault.

If I offended you or your fans I am sorry. I should remember that reporters only hear what they want to hear.