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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Diamonds: Little Darlin

I not sure about this one. I know it is a great song, but the legend of the song, is that the Diamonds were four frat boys, who did this as a parody of Doo Wop, and ooops! It becomes a hit. However, it is a fun song, so check it out.

Of course here they are 40 years or so still hamming it up:-) Not bad for old guys:-)


JAG said...

That's an interesting bit of music history bluesman,I didn't know that this was written as a parody.Loved and still love this upbeat fun song ! Yes they do still sound good !

Annie said...

The original group was The Gladiolas, and in this rare case the original was actually not very good. And the Diamonds were making fun of the Gladiolas when they did it, when as you say it became a surprise monster hit.

bluesman2001 said...

HI Annie

thanks for the clarification. I had forgotten that it was popular back then to do anwser songs. That makes a lot of sense. I wonder what happened to the Gladiolas:-)


Annie said...

(Originally the Royal Charms), The 1957 "Gladiolas" with 16yr old Maurice Williams (who wrote Little Darlin) became..tah dah...Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs. They then had a minor hit w/"Stay" which years later became huge due to its feature in 1987 "Dirty Dancing" movie. Nostalgia tours followed. Can see recent performance from PBS DooWop of"Stay" on YouTube (check vid by member named "doowop") Too bad the Gladiola's orig.performance of Little Darlin involving falsetto, wigs and comedy (I saw it) is not available. But songwise, the Diamonds cover is actually better in this rare case. Sorry this is so long. The End

bluesman2001 said...

thanks ann!!! I will look up that song and post it.