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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Blues Event At the State Historical Society Of Iowa

Mississippi Blues was shown by the State Historical Society of Iowa, at the
Historical Building in Des Moines. I actually was disappointed. It was a movie made in the late 70s, or early 80s, and was about a team of French documentary film makers and their adventures in Mississippi. It painted a pretty bleak painting of life in Mississippi, and the politics of the era, so in a way it was a dated movie, and yet it is an important film that it captured what life was life then. While there was blues music in the movie, for the most part I think the title really meant, hard luck in Mississippi. However, my part in the days adventure had nothing to do with the movie. I was there to help lead a discussion with Hobart DePatton about Center Street. Below is a picture of an exhibit on permanent display at the Historical Building. The majority of the exhibit was donated by Hobart DePatton, and belonged to his father who was the local printer on Center.

I was suppose to lead discussion with Hobart about Center Street, but things got mixed up! That was alright, because when dealing with the blues you need to ad lib:-)Mr. DePatton ending up on stage with the people who were going to discuss the music of Center Street. In the picture below you have from left to right Hobart DePatton, Mel Harper(owner of two clubs located in the Bilikin Ballroom) George Davis,(Guitarist and Vocalist for the Soul Brothers, and currently Sumptin To Do) and Harlan Thomas (Keyboard Player, and Vocalists for the Soul Brothers, and currently Backstage Boogie Band)

George Davis on Guitar

Harlan Thomas On Keyboard

However, I did play a part in the festivities. I was asked to introduce Cheryl Pryor, and Jack Lufkin. I told a couple of stories about Jimmy Pryor, and then introduced his wife Cheryl, then Jack Lufkin one of the curators at SHSI came down and accepted from Cheryl Jimmy's legendary Kazoo. Hopefully, in a few weeks Cheryl will also donate one of Jimmy's cool suits so that they can have a display of Jimmy's memorabilia.

It was a nice afternoon of blues, and while the crowd was disappointedly small, those who were there had a great time. I will post the photos that I have on my myspace page. I will update this page, and put up a hotlink to the photos once I get it done.


Photos are up CLICK HERE

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