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Friday, September 7, 2007

Rhoda Scott: Moanin

You want to hear some great organ blues, and jazz, then this is the video! The Hammond B3 is a great instrument. You really don't need much of a band, if you can play like that:-)


BlouBoss said...

HI TOM HOW ARE YOU? first i thank you for this video -and the others- you are fantastic in your search and your choice. For rhoda scott iwas a sound'B3 fool and she is so pretty. i give you some news about me : i left MySpace and put my song's video on DailyMotion it's really good you can make your own music's TV and i'm always on blogspot have a nice day A+ Blouboss

bluesman2001 said...

BONJOUR! BlouBoss!! Great to hear from you again. Daily motion is a great site. Much better visual quality than youtube. I updated the links so your video will play again here. Hope some people follow the link to your site to check out some French Blues:-)