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Monday, September 3, 2007

Chicago Has The Blues????

More fallout from the University of Chicago study that I posted about HERE on August 15th. This new article from the Chicago Sun-Times, asks a legitimate question: Why isn't Chicago one of the music capitols of the United States? Or for that matter the world?? (Click here) Seriously, a town the size of Chicago, and its suburbs shouldn't have a problem. According to the Times article, they need some sort of city or government office to help promote music. I am not sure I am in agreement with that, considering the corrupt nature of Chicago politics. Perhaps a better solution would be for a group of people to get together and form a coalition of like minded music groups. This has worked in Austin, and it is trying to work in Des Moines. Just seeing the live entertainment options this year in Downtown Des Moines is testament that someone is listening. I also would build on Chicago's history of Jazz, and Blues. Jazz came to Chicago from New Orleans, as King Oliver, and latter Louis Armstrong came up to play the speakeasy's of the mob. The blues came north with the large number of African American who moved north to work in the factories, and packing plants during WWI. Chicago has a rich history of African American music. Take advantage of it, and use it, isn't Chicago home of the blues anyway??????


Anonymous said...

I'm a Canadian. When I think Chicago, I think blues. This past Sunday I checked out the gift shop on B concourse at O'Hare airport while awaiting a connecting flight. I was stunned that there wasn't a tee-shirt, mug, nothing about the blues or music. It was a very odd feeling.

Blues Historian said...

Yup, it is strange. I think if Chicago wants to stay the home of the blues, then they really need to start working on that. Austin Texas is the musical capitol of the world because they worked on it. It didn't happen by itself. Was there any Cubs, or Bears items either??? I sometimes wonder why I don't see more of that when I am in Chicago. I think it is easier to find a Cub hat in Des Moines than in Chi Town:-) Very Strange:-)


Anonymous said...

I knew I saw something on this over at They may in fact be making some moves. Buddy Guy hosts a video tour.

Terry again.

Blues Historian said...

HI Terry

Duh!! I forgot about that!!! I even posted about that HERE

So someone is doing something to promote Chicago as a musical city. It certainly has the history to back it up.

No matter what I will alway love Chicago:-) Just don't want to live there:-)