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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BB's Lawnside BBQ!!! Construction Blues!!!

Some old friends of mine from KC are singing the orange barrel blues since BB's Lawnside BBQ is hemmed in by road construction. Pictured to the left is my old buddy, and partner in crime John Paul Drum performing at BBs. This photo and article are from the Kansas City Star, which has an nice article on Lindsey Shannon's legendary BBQ, and blues joint. It is hard for me to remember just where exactly Lindsey's BBQ is at. I must admit that when I go to KC for BBQ, I go to Gates:-) I do know that he is located near the Troost Street bridge. Shannon explains part of the problem of getting to his BBQ joint.

“The biggest problem is they’ve torn down the Troost bridge,” owner Lindsay Shannon said. “People who do come in from Johnson County used to be able to use the ramp off I-435 ... to get to us. Now they have to get off on Bannister Road first. I still get calls from people going ‘I’m at 85th and Holmes (less than a mile to the west) … now how do I get to you?’ ”

Shannon has even placed alternative driving directions, in the form of a downloadable map, on his Web site: bbslawn

Lindsey has made a map on his website to help out us out of towners who need a blues and BBQ fix. Here is his map from his website.

To be honest I can tell heads or tails from this map:-) but I am sure if you go down 85th street off I-435 you should be alright.

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