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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Internet Radio: Triple R Blues Radio

Well, Internet radio is still on the air, but negotiations have been ugly. They have had a close door meeting in congress over the issue. At this point the sticking point has to do with technology. Apparently the corporation that collects royalties for publishers (Sound Exchange)wants Internet radio providers to incorporate some sort of program into their web casts that prevent people from recording songs off the Internet. I am not up on the latest abilities to steal music, but apparently there is software out there that you can use to recorded music and videos broadcasted on the net. To me this is a lot like people recording off radio, or TV. However, to the big corporations who are looking for alternate sources of income since people are tired of getting screwed buying overpriced CDs, and basically stealing the stuff online, this is one way to prevent people from getting free music.

I think the bigger issue is that the music business has gotten so bloated, and greedy, that they are desperate to keep their fat and happy lifestyle. The reality is that it takes 50 cents to make a CD, and the rest of the price is the cost of production. Consider that it takes less equipment, and now cheaper equipment to produce a CD, versus an Album, it becomes apparent that people are getting gouged at the retail level. As an artist myself, I understand wanting to get paid for my art, but I also have read a lot about the music business, and I know that of all the money that comes into the music corporations a small fraction actually goes to the artist. If you want to see just how bad the music business was, even in the good old days then read anything written about the Beatles in the late 60s. Talk about major screw jobs. Write and perform your own music, and yet, in the end you don't own your own songs. (This is true of a lot of artists not just the Beatles)

So lets get to whats important tonight! That is listening to some great blues on the Internet. Tonight's station is Triple R Blues Radio. The station is from the Netherlands, and is run by Tom Wanten. I was looking at his play list and he has a nice mix of old and new blues. So if you want to listen to some great blues CLICK HERE. Then click on the yellow circle with the speaker on it, and the music should start shortly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As an artist the record companies have screwed you guys for years with contracts that allow them to keep your royalties.
But now the royalty set for internet radio in the UK is 9 yes NINE times higher than the highest rate in the USA check out,,2129109,00.html