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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Photo Of The Week: Scotty And The Wingtips

One of the longest running blues acts in Des Moines probably is Scotty And The Wingtips. Other bands may have started before them, and reunited, but the Wingtips have been a pretty solid unit for over 20 years. Scott Hartung (drums) has kept a nucleus of Mike Tyler(guitar) and Ernie Terrell (Bass) togethter for most of those years. Scott also helped a lot of Des Moines players get their start. When I got back to Des Moines I hooked up briefly with the Wingtips for a few gigs until I could get my band going. Others top players in Des Moines who played with the Wingtips includes, Jon East, Scott Eagleston, Scott Sutherland, Billy Birch, Jeff Ward, the Luna brothers, and many more. Scott's bands have always provided solid blues, and never disappoint their audience. Scott has had his run ins with the power brokers of the blues pretty much his whole career, but like a true bluesman, he never quits, and you will find him and his band still playing the blues as much as they can.

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