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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Josh Smith: Paying The Cost

Nice clip of Josh Smith who is a heck of a bluesman.  He is also plays lead guitar for Taylor Hicks. I think blues purists will love this clip.  Give it a listen!


hdey said...

Thank you so much for this clip! Josh Smith is a real talent, and a true gentleman. I have his new guitar instrumental album, "Inception", and there are some wonderful bluesy songs including "Penance".

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blues Historian for featuring Josh Smith. I've had the pleasure of hearing him perform many times and he is a fantastic guitarist. His new CD, Inception, is an instrumental work with some great blues tunes. Thanks again for spotlighting this blues guitar master.


tishlp said...

I really enjoyed the video of Josh Smith. I've seen him in concert with Taylor Hicks and he is a smokin' guitarist. I also have his new album, Inception and it's great.

juliegr said...

Love to see the clips of Josh Smith. He writes some great music and plays a hot guitar. I have both of Josh's albums -- Inception and Deep Roots -- great stuff is right!

medolark said...

Thanks for sharing Josh's music. I really like to hear him play. I had never heard him sing solo before. He's very good. Ü