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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taylor Hicks: Wedding Day Blues

A friend of mine sent this video and said it sounds like a song I would write!:-)


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medolark said...

Well what do you think, Tom does it sound like something you'd write? Ü

san said...

The way Taylor enjoys singing it, it might be something he would write! Oh, wait. He did! :)

Thanks so much, Tom, for sharing this fun video and for all the great support you show for Taylor Hicks and his music!

Anonymous said...

A frivolous little ditty that makes me laugh. Wonder how many men and women have thought about doing the same thing???

I also like the loyality Taylor shows to his old friends by recording some of their music.

Thanks for featuring this tune.


tishlp said...

So would you write a song like that? LOL, Taylor has fun with this song and the audience enjoys it too. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Fun song, and even better live. Thanks for posting! pc325

Gr8fulheart said...

Gave me a chuckle for the morning for sure. He was havin some fun with that song & the expressions ~ typical Taylor.
Thanx Tom, for suppodrting Taylor♥

marymagdalene said...

Great video to cheer anyone up at any time of day.

Thanks, Tom, for supporting Taylor!

P.S. I listen to your CD on a regular basis, and it is WONDERFUL!

medolark said...

I 2nd that mm. Tom's cd is great! Ü

Anonymous said...

Taylor is the BEST. Thanks for featuring a video of his. He always has such a good time, therefore I always end up smiling and .in a good mood

Anonymous said...

Taylor is a BLUES SINGER so I just love this little tune. He's just having so much fun up there. Thanks so much for posting. I hope his next CD has some more blues tunes.

Anonymous said...

There's just nobody in this world like Taylor Hicks! Awesome Blues song. He's having so much fun. Next CD lets have some more Blues!! Thanks for supporting Taylor.