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Monday, October 5, 2009

Blues Historian Reviews

I saw something coming up though our friendly federal government in regards to promotions on the internet. As you know there are a lot of unfriendly blogs that are purely set up to promote products. They try to convince you that they are ordinary people who have stumbled on to these great products. They are easy to spot, I call them spam blogs. The only thing that the blogger writes about is how great this wonderful product is that they are using. So the feds are wanting people to be honest that they are getting free product and not paying for it, so their endorsement is honest.
I am not sure how that effects me, but just so you know. I do get CDs, and DVDs to review from different record companies, and promotion staffs. Those of you who have read my reviews know that I am honest. I love music, and I love the variety of CDs that come my way. However, from now on I will let you know if I bought the CD, or it was sent to me for review. Hopefully this will meet whatever requirements that are coming down the line from the government.

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