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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

Today is one of those days that you will remember for the rest of your life. You will remember where you were, and what you were doing when Michael Jackson died. Much like Elvis, Lennon, or some of you older folks, JFK. This is one of those days that is burned into your memory banks. Michael Jackson for all his problems was still an outstanding artist. He was a man that had his childhood stolen, and spent most of his adult life trying to find it again. In many ways a tragic figure, but perhaps that inner demon that propelled his personal life also created some amazing pop music.

From the blues perspective his later work is way too out there to fit here, but soulful funky music from the Jackson Five certainly fits the broad pallet here at Blues Historian. However, I feel guilty tonight posting his early work as a child, knowing how he was treated and knowing how that kid with the bright eyes and all that talent never had a childhood, never got a chance to grow up, and I bet if he had to do it again he might give up all the fame and money just to have a chance to be a kid again.

On a positive note the Jackson Five transcended race. I remember in 2nd grade my elementary school had desegregated. African American students from inner city Des Moines came north to my elementary school. It was an amazing experience because as children we had no preconceive ideas about race. However, we had a strange voting experience on who was the best band. The choices were The Jackson Five, or the Osmond Brothers. Now I know what you are thinking, the white kids voted for the Osmonds, and the African American kids voted for the Jackson Five. WRONG! The boys voted for the Jackson Five, and the girls voted for the Osmonds! Even now Donny Osmond makes me cringe:-) (sorry Donny:-) However, the Jacksons were cool.

God Bless you Micheal. I hope you finally can have the childhood you so richly deserve. We will always have your music, and hopefully tonight you are jamming with the best damn band in heaven.

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