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Monday, June 29, 2009

John Hammer Blues News


This Week On

Hammered By The Blues
KOWZ 1170am Sunday at 10pm (When sports talk ain't on)
On the Internet:
Tues 9am
and Sat. 11am

Zach Prather


'Smokin' MojoKings'

Midwest Blues All Stars

'Covered Up'
Important Links
Fresh Stuff Ya Wanna Know
July Blue Monday
now On Line
July 2: NiteRail
Central Park, 7pm Owatonna, MN
July 2-4: Mississippi Valley Blues Festival
Davenport, Ia
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Yo! Blues Buddies:

Be sure to visit to read our entire June issue. Pass this along to friends and tell them they can sign up for this weekly e-bluesblast right on the bottom of the first page of the website. Check out the links and support yer local blues band! Hope to see you at a LIVE show soon! Until then, Take care of each other, and we'll catch up with ya real soon!
John 'blueshammer' Hammer

New Blues Adventure on the Radio

At the full flow of the festival season, you get to be introduced to new artists. This week on Hammered By The Blues ( Sunday on KOWZ 10pm on 1170am. Classic episodes rebroadcast on line Tues at 9am and Sat at 11am on we're gonna provide a formal introduction to some great folks playin' the blues for you. We'll kick this party off with a guy who's played with the biggies and is now out on his own. Zach Prather will enthrall with cuts off 'Freak'. Kickin' it up a notch from there, we let The Smokin' Mojo Kings have their way with the party as they share some tales off their self titled CD. We then get fired up into a blues fervor with some serious old school testifyin' 'bout the gospel of the 12 bars as the Midwest Blues All Stars preach,cleanse and heal your very blues spirit; HAVE MERCY! Who loves ya, Baby?
Cross over to the AM and catch blues testifyin';
You'll dance your shoes afire and we ain't liein';
It'll tighten yer abs, yer booty and it's painless;
D.ance A.nd S.tay Y.oung is the advice of 'Shameless'!
Best Blues Guitars
The five best electric guitars for the blues!
Okay, this list would probably give many Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), but out of personal interest, I went around several music stores to try out tons of guitars I have narrowed my list to five sweet axes that shaped not only blues but rock and roll, rockabilly, country, funk... you get the picture. Please note that this list is based totally on my personal opinion and if you disagree, it's perfectly fine. Let's get rolling!

#5: Gibson Les Paul Junior
Seeing that this guitar is a sub-model of a seemingly superior model line that is also place later in the list (oops, spoiler...) might raise doubts in the minds of many. No worries, let me make it straight. Even though the Junior is considered inferior by many especially when placed side-to-side with it's more elegant sibling, the Les Paul, anyone who has played it would agree that the single P90 pickup produces a tone unlike any other and works wonders whether ampified clean or driven dirty. Go on, head to your local guitar dealer and pick one up, your preconceived notions of this "cheapo" guitar would change in no time!

#4: Fender Telecaster:
The Tele, though an evolution from the original Esquire was still simple in all ways. All it had was a simple block-routed single-cutaway ash body, two pickups and an ashtray with brass barrels for a bridge yet it was revolutionary in every way in its time. It's bright, cutting tone was very distinctive and it has won the hearts of many country guitarists. Even electric blues pioneer Muddy Waters chose this guitar over the others!

#3: Gibson Les Paul
Many argue which came first, Mr. Fender's Esquire or Mr. Paul's final evolution of The "Log". To me, that is as pointless as arguing whether the chicken or the egg came first. The thing is this. Les knew his stuff. He knew that the bright cutting tone of maple for the top coupled to the intense warmth of mahogany for the body would sound like heaven when fused together (although he thought of it the other way at first). Whether fitted with P-90 pickups as originally intended or Seth Lover's P.A.F. humbuckers, either way most guitarist would agree that it is still the industry standard in solidbody guitars. Duane Allman, Gary Moore and Eric Clapton would definitely agree.

#1 (tie) Fender Stratocaster
Anyone who hasn't seen this guitar at all ought to be living on the moon. It's industry firsts such as the tremolo bar and trademark offset double-cutaway comfort-contoured body made it the most iconic (and most copied) electric guitar EVER. Because this guitar is so tonally versatile, that it is not only used solely for blues, but practically every modern genre of music from alternative to ambient and from punk to pop. However, the Strat has still a very strong association with the blues. The three single-coil pickups were the key to it's vast tonal palatte. Eric Clapton made it gently weep, SRV made it wail, Buddy Guy made it scream. Until today, contemporary blues players like John Mayer and Robert Cray continue passing the Strat torch.

#1 (tie) Gibson Electro-Spanish series
This covers Gibson's entire range of ES guitars, be it the original ES-335 or B.B. King's trademark "Lucille". This is the true descendant of Les Paul's The "Log". Like the Stratocaster, this series of guitars are extremely versatile. Its semi-hollow body that allows a variety of tones that be coaxed from sweet mellow cleans to aggressive overdriven tones. Not only do they sound good, their arched maple top and trademarked F-holes ooze class. Because of their association with artists such as B.B. King, Freddie King and Eric Clapton (mentioned for the third and last time in this article) and classy look, this guitar to me (and many others) has been the ultimate epitome of the perfect electric guitar for the blues.

TwinCities & other MN venues:
Wed 1
-Dr John/Dakota Jazz Club; Mpls
-Davina & the Vagabonds/Hilde Performance Center; Plymouth
-Kurt Jorgensen/Narrows; Navarre
-Mick Sterling/Lifetime Fitness; DT Mpls
Thu 2-Scottie Miller & the Re-Uptake Inhibitors/Washington Square Pub; White Bear Lake
-Sterling, Bowe, Fiero & Friends/Dunn Bros; Excelsior
-Robert Cray Band/Cabooze; Mpls
-Davina & the Vagabonds/Forest Laker
-NiteRail; Top Shelf/Central Park; Owatonna
-Everett Smithson/Marketfest; WBL
-Paul & Greg Mayasich/Freedom Fete; Hoyt Lakes
-T Albert Lloyd/(noon)Shells Pavilion; Taste of MN
Fri 3-Irresistibles/PD Pappy's; Stillwater
-Brandon Scott Sellner/Bloomington Arts in the Park
-Paul Mayasich/4th of July Street Dance; Eveleth
-Davina & the Vagabonds/Applewood Rustic Grill; Burnsville
-NiteRail/Trappers; Lino Lakes
-Big Daddy Cade/MN Music Café; St Paul
- Tom Bentz/Neumann's; St Paul
Sat 4-Plan B/Freedom Fest; Austin
-Irresistibles/St Anthony Main; Mpls
-Holland & Oakland/Happy Hour @ Famous Dave's; Mpls -Ross William Perry/Blind Bob's 4th of July Bash; Cold Spring
-Roomful of Blues/Sheldon Theatre; Red Wing
Sun 5-Blues Brunch w/ Ken Valdez/Famous Dave's; Mpls
-Joe Juliano/MN Music Café; St Paul
Iowa Venues:
Wed 1-John Nemeth/Blues On Grand; Des Moines
Fri 3-Eric Church/Stir Concert Cove; Council Bluffs
-Sheryl Crow/Stir Concert Cove
Sat 4-Blue Oyster Cult/Stir Concert Cove
Nebraska Venues:
Wed 1-Roomful of Blues/Zoo Bar; Lincoln
Thu 2-Roomful of Blues/Murphy's; Omaha
Wisconsin Venues:
Fri 3
-Pappa Roxy/Piggy Blues; La Crosse
Sat 4-Don Scott/Bays End; Fountain City
-Pappa Roxy/Piggy Blues; La Crosse
BB's Jazz Blues & Soups-St. Louis, MO:
Fri 3-Charles "Skeet" Rodgers & the Inner City Blues Band Visit for an updated July Calendar!
Ground Zero Blues Club-Clarksdale, MS:
Wed 1-Bill "Howl-N-Madd" Perry
Thu 2-Blues Jam w/ Razorblade
Fri 3-Stacy Mitchhart
Sat 4-Reba Russell
Ground Zero Blues Club- Memphis, TN
Visit for an updated July Calendar!
Thu 2-Sat 4
Every Week All Month Long (all venues)
Every Sunday-Tom Hunter(10:45a)/United Methodist Church; Minnetonka, MN
-Cadillac vs. Cornbread/Palmer's; Mpls
-Blues Jam w/ Big Bob Scoggin/McMahon's Irish Pub; Mpls
-Toby Marshall/(7-10)Cherokee Sirloin Room; W St. Paul
-Barbara Blue/(4-8)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
-Open Blues Jam w/ Moses Oakland/(8p) Famous Dave's; Mpls
-Open Blues Jam /Floyd's; Victoria, MN
Every Monday-Best Damn Blues Jam in Town/Shaw's Bar & Grill; Mpls
-Willie Murphy/American Legion #523; Golden Valley, MN
-True Blue Mondays-Lunch w/ Ellis Kell/(12p)Mojo's-River Music Experience;
Every Tuesday-Paul Mayasich & Friends/Hollihan's; White Bear Lake
-Big Daddy Cade/(8p)Centerfields; Mpls
-Bob Pace & the Blues Groove/Blues On Grand; Des Moines, IA
Every Wednesday-Blues Jam w/Curtis & the Kicks/Jethro's Char House; N St Paul, MN
-The Butanes/Eagles Club #34; 25th St., Mpls
-Dave Lambert/Neisen's; Savage; MN
-Paul Mayasich & Friends/School of the Wise II; Chanhassen, MN
- Root City/Glueks; Mpls
- John Iden & Jim Ouska/TGI Fridays; Eden Prairie, MN
- Big Daddy Cade Jam/(7p)Baggins; Fridley, MN
- Curtis Marlatt & the Kicks hosted Jam/Jethro's Char House; Mahtomedi, MN
-Barbara Blue/(7-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
-Wed. Blues Jam/Nighthawks Tap; La Crosse, WI
- Matt Woods & the Thunderbolts/Blues On Grand; Des Moines, IA
- Open Mic Night/Redstone Room-River Music Experience; Davenport, IA
- Cryin' Shame; Big Mike Aguirre/BB's Jazz Blues & Soups; St Louis, MO
Every Thursday - Dan Ristrom & the Big Throwdown/Gluek's; Mpls
- John Burlingame hosts Acoustic Open Mic Night/Main Entrance; Prairie du Chien, WI
-Barbara Blue/(7-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
- Legendary Blues Jam/Blues On Grand; Des Moines, IA
- Blues Jam/Ground Zero Blues Club/ Clarksdale; MS
- Leroy Pierson/(7-9:30)BB's Jazz Blues & Soups; St. Louis, MO
Every Friday-The Butanes/McMahon's; Mpls
-Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs/Eagles #34; Mpls
-Barbara Blue/(7-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
-Leroy Pierson/(7-9:30)BB's Jazz Blues & Soups; St. Louis, MO
Every Saturday-Barbara Blue/(5-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St Memphis

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