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Monday, April 27, 2009

John Hammer Blues News


This Week On

Hammered By The Blues
KOWZ 1170am Sunday at noon (When sports ain't on)
On the Internet:
Tues 9am
and Sat. 11am

Delta Flyers

'On The Levee Road'

'Rain or Shine'
Buckwheat Zydeco
'Lay Your Burden Down'
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May Blue Monday
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Congratulations to Brandon Scott Sellner for winning the GTCBS Road to Memphis Competition
Sat. May 2: Maxx Cabello
Macho Nacho; Rochester, MN
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John 'blueshammer' Hammer

Come Home to the Radio

Yes indeed; recent MPR studies prove those who embrace the old timey technology of the radio are inherently smarter. We don't make this stuff up! This week on Hammered By The Blues ( Sunday on KOWZ Noon on 1170am. Classic episodes rebroadcast on line Tues at 9am and Sat at 11am on we will do our best to rock the AM side of things. Yeah, we may not boast the huge FM signal we once had (due to new economic requirements of our host station), none the less we stay true to our mission to play the best blues on the airwaves. We kick this bad motorscooter over with The Delta Flyers and tracks off 'On The Levee Road'. We settle back for a little gee-tar lesson from Iowa with Joe Price sharing his best off 'Rain or Shine'. We likes it sideways when we hook up with Buckwheat Zydeco as he gets our cajun blood pumpin' with selections off 'Lay Your Burden Down'. Hook up the LARGE antenna and join us if ya can....
We gots the elixir to sooth your soul;
Whether we go real fast or slow our roll;
We plays the blues you want to hear;
While sittin' on yer porch enjoyin' cold beer.
Just Down the Street in Dallas
By Larry Miller

I live in Dallas, Texas about two blocks from a bar. It just so happens that this is a BLUES BAR near the end of a street replete with music joints and restaurants and bars. It opens at 3:00 pm and closes at 2:00 am. No food, no popcorn, no beer nuts!! Just beer, more beer, wine, and liquor....lots of liquor and LIVE MUSIC, mostly BLUES, with two bands a night on many nights.
A love for the blues, and curiosity, compelled me to visit this Blues bar where the mostly Caucasian patrons are treated to gut-level and wonderfully vulgar blues songs, songs about death and love, songs with open solicitations for sex, and songs about the utter brilliance of quick, hot, and hard passion (and occasionally it's consequences), all being told by a narrator who is in major despair and is depressed out of his mind, i.e., has the blues.
That first night, when the slender young white guitar player stood at the mike, peeked around his girlish locks like veronica lake, and said: "We're gonna play the Blues for ya. Has anyone here ever had the blues? Then you know what i'm talking about!!!". Well, the crowd started applauding even before the music started!!And when the band launched into the first tune, the audience seemingly felt themselves (and their own blues and their own sexuality) existentially relevant and justified - They howled and applauded like hell at the end of "Hootchie Cootchie Man", (mostly the females at the front tables, who loved the idea of the blues-man having a "Mojo" and a "Hootchie Cootchie Man", "). duke romilar (a.k.a. larry miller)


TwinCities & other MN venues:
Mon 27
-Davina & the Vagabonds/Famous Dave's; Mpls
Tue 28-Davina & the Vagabonds/Washington Square Pub; WBL
Fri 1-Maxx Cabello Jr./Shaw's Bar; Mpls
-Perry Weber & the Devilles/Macho Nacho; Rochester
-Root City Band; Greg Inhofer/Famous Dave's; Mpls
-Cadillac Kolstad & the Flats/Clubhouse Jager; Mpls
- Lamont Cranston/Billy's; Rockford
Sat 2-Scottie Miller/Rudy's Red Eye; Lakeville
-Curtis & the Kicks/(5&9:30pm)Dixie's; St Paul
- Brandon Scott Sellner/Timbers Edge; Eveleth
-The Irresistibles/Santorini's; Eden Prairie
-Paul Mayasich/LIVE; Duluth
-Maxx Cabello Jr./Macho Nacho; Rochester
-Willie Walker's Tribute to Sam Cooke/School II; Chanhassen
-Greasy Gravy/Schooner's; Mpls
-Tom Hunter/Famous Dave's; Mpls
-Davina & the Vagabonds/Applewood Grill; Burnsville
- Cool Disposition/Tapestry; Mpls
-Papa John Kolstad/Merlin's Rest; Mpls
-Lamont Cranston/Narrows; Navarre
Sun 3-Brunch w/ Bob Scoggin/Famous Dave's; Mpls
-George Faber w/Kathleen Johnson/Dakota Jazz Club; Mpls
- Brandon Scott Sellner/LIVE; Duluth

Iowa Venues:
Fri 1
-Bob Dorr & the Blue Band/The Hub; Cedar Falls
-Duke Tumatoe/Blues On Grand; Des Moines
Sat 2-Duke Tumatoe/River Music Experience
-Reverend Raven & the Chainsmokin' Altar Boys/Busted Lift; Dubuque
- Perry Weber & the Devilles/BOG
Sun 3-T Albert Lloyd/Byron's; Pomeroy
-Steady Rollin' Blues Jam/Creekside Bar; Davenport
-Reverend Raven & the Chainsmokin' Altar Boys/Checker's;

Nebraska Venues:
Wed 29
-The Nighthawks/Zoo Bar
Thu 30-Alvin Jett & Phat Noiz/Murphy's; Omaha
Fri 1-The Bel-Airs/Zoo Bar; Lincoln
-Blues Orchestra/The Alley; Lincoln
Sat 2-The Bel-Airs/Zoo Bar

Wisconsin Venues:
Mon 28
-Dave Lambert/Bucky's Burger Barn; La Crosse
Fri 1-Brandon Scott Sellner/Corner Saloon; River Falls
-Mudcat & the Bottomfeeders/Piggy's; La Crosse
Sat 2-Mudcat & the Bottomfeeders/Piggy's; La Crosse
- Ross William Perry/Iron Horse; Spring Valley

BB's Jazz Blues & Soups-St. Louis, MO:
Mon 27-Audra & the ContinuOhm
Tue 28-St. Louis Beat Poetry Series; Rum Drum Ramblers
Wed 29-Cryin' Shame
Thu 30-Leroy Pierson; Curtis Salgado
Fri 1-Larry Garner
Sat 2-Marquise Knox; Alvin Jett & Phat Noiz
Sun 3-Good for the Soul; Audra & the ContinuOhm

Ground Zero Blues Club-Clarksdale, MS:
Thu 30
-Blues Jam w/ Razorblade
Fri 1-Delta Highway
Sat 2-Stacy Mitchhart

Ground Zero Blues Club- Memphis, TN
Fri 1 & Sat 2
-Preston Shannon

Festivals/Blues Celebrations
Fri 1-Sun 3

Every Week All Month Long (all venues)
Every Sunday
-Tom Hunter(10:45a)/United Methodist Church; Minnetonka, MN
-Cadillac Kolstad & the Flats w/ Cornbread Harris/Palmer's; Mpls
-Blues Jam w/ Big Bob Scoggin/McMahon's Irish Pub; Mpls
-Juke Joint Jam/Ground Zero Blues Club; Memphis, TN
-Barbara Blue/(4-8)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
-Open Blues Jam w/ Moses Oakland/(8p) Famous Dave's; Mpls
-Open Blues Jam /Floyd's; Victoria, MN
Every Monday-True Blue Mondays-Lunch w/ Ellis Kell/(12p)Mojo's-River Music Experience; Davenport, IA
Every Tuesday-Big Daddy Cade/(8p)Centerfields; Mpls
-Bob Pace & the Blues Groove/Blues On Grand; Des Moines, IA
Every Wednesday-Alison Scott (noon)/Dakota Jazz Club; Mpls, MN
-The Butanes/Eagles Club #34; 25th St., Mpls
-Dave Lambert/Neisen's; Savage; MN
-Paul Mayasich & Friends/School of the Wise II; Chanhassen, MN
-Root City/Glueks; Mpls
-Big Daddy Cade Jam/(7p)Baggans; Fridley, MN
-Barbara Blue/(7-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN Wed.
-Blues Jam/Nighthawks Tap; La Crosse, WI
-Matt Woods & the Thunderbolts/Blues On Grand; Des Moines, IA
-Open Mic Night/Redstone Room-River Music Experience; Davenport, IA
Every Thursday-Moses Oakland Quartet/School II/ Chanhassen, MN
-Dan Ristrom & the Big Throwdown/Gluek's; Mpls
-John Burlingame hosts Acoustic Open Mic Night/Main Entrance; Prairie du Chien, WI
-Barbara Blue/(7-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
-Legendary Blues Jam/Blues On Grand; Des Moines, IA
-Blues Jam/Ground Zero Blues Club/ Clarksdale; MS
-Leroy Pierson/(7-9:30)BB's Jazz Blues & Soups; St. Louis, MO
Every Friday-Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs/Eagles #34; Mpls
-Barbara Blue/(7-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN
- Leroy Pierson/(7-9:30)BB's Jazz Blues & Soups; St. Louis,
Every Saturday-Barbara Blue/(5-9)Silky O'Sullivan's; Beale St-Memphis, TN

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