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Friday, February 13, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

The latest from Iowa's best blues band

I'm not sure I can even write a Blue Note in the middle of the day, but I wanted to wish you love and happiness for Valentine's Day and I literally fell asleep sitting at the keyboard this morning at 3am (waiting for the backdoor lady) so let's try this again!...

Tomorrow night (Saturday-LUV day) we're helping the Jefferson County Hospital in Fairfield raise funds for their new mammogram program (why do I LOVE the idea of us being involved with this??) (there's probably TWO reasons, but that's not important now) The event starts at 7pm, Blue Band plays 8:30 til a little after 11:00. Ticket info available at: This event was a lot of fun last year. The people of Fairfield are very hip, aware, and worldly and have an affinity for fun. I understand that the snow that is predicted for tonight will be done a little after midnight and the temperature tomorrow is predicted to be in the 30s so the roads should be fine, plus Hwy 34 is now a four-lane all the way to Fairfiled (from Des Moines , Cedar Rapids, the Quad Cities-all roads lead to Fairfield) so driving should be no challenge. It's a good cause and a splendid time is guaranteed for all! Special thanks and LUV to Denise Gallagher for helping us get the gig and all the promotional work she's done to help generate a crowd for this event...

We don't have a gig for the rest of February (unless you'd like us to play in your basement/garage to help celebrate that hefty tax return you're getting) (go ahead, stimulate the economy by paying seven musicians to do their thing so they can pay their mortgages and put gas in the car/equipment truck)) So our next scheduled appearance is the monthly First Friday celebration at The Hub in Sparkle City, March 6, AND, we've just added THE FIRST OUTDOOR GIG OF THE YEAR!! (in a heated tent) at The Twisted Parrot's 7th annual St. Patrick's Weekend, 6500 Hickman Rd., Windsor Heights (suburban Des Moines) Saturday March 14, 7-11 p.m. We were part of this multi-day celebration last year and jumped at the chance to do it again! It was almost too hot in the tent last year, so get some Irish going for that weekend (remember green is nothing more than a little yellow and whole lot of BLUE!)...

You may have noticed that Iowa Public Radio's Studio One Network is off the air. We had a transmission line burnout (see, I'm not the only burnout associated with that network) on Monday and the weather has not cooperated with trying to climb the 1000 feet up the tower to fix it. A tower crew is on the scene now and hopefully will make the necessary repairs in the next few days. However, it doesn't look like the repairs will be finished in order to beam my Valentine's LUV special around the state. This is kind of disappointing because I really think the show turned out to be one of the better lovely specials I've ever done. The good news is that you can still listen on line via streamed audio at and the Mason City frequency is still operational and IPR engineers are hoping to electronically reroute the signal to the Des Moines frequency before the end of the day. I'd love it if you could tune in for that...

The one question I have from the signage in the mall this week is, does it cheapen your love if you seek out the gifts that are marked down 30-60% for Valentine's Day?

Without any gigs for a couple of weeks, this is the last Blue Note you'll get for awhile (unless some hot blue news comes up) We sincerely appreciate all the love you've shown us on the Blue Highway all these years. Get someone ELSE to rub yer washboard tie, Cherry cheeseCAKE is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the one you love (Love the one yer with) and always remember we love YOU...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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