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Thursday, February 12, 2009

2000 Posts!!

Wow! That is a lot of work! Of course, this blog has changed quite a bit from the early days. I am slowly becoming a blues news blog, thanks to Illinois Blues, Bob Corritore, and John Hammer. I really appreciate sending their news on to you, and keeping you updated on whats going on. Also I want to thank Blues Critic Media for sending some great info on CDS records. Talk about a company keeping the blues alive with some real down home blues! Also Kevin at Delmark that keeps sending me CDs to review. I promise to get review that coolDelmark 55 Years of Blues CD/DVD you sent me. Wow! That was one heck of a great package to get before Christmas. Thanks to Chip at Miles High Productions who also has sent me some great CDs to review, including Sean Costello's last CD We Can Live Together. A big thank you to my fellow bloggers especially Blues Masters, bluescomentado , Daddybstrong, Squeeze my Lemon, and Blues Town, it is amazing how much traffic you send my way I hope I send as many back to you. Also a shout out to the Taylor Hicks fan club and all of your messageboards, and blogs. I hope he realizes just how dedicated you are to his music and his career. You guys really know how to network, and us blues fans could learn a lot from how you get the word out.

This has been a lot of fun, and especially last year, when things were not going so great it was nice to have this place to take my mind off my troubles. Things have been great since June, and unfortunatly when things are going good, I have less time to post. However, I will keep trying to keep you updated on blues past, present, and ocassionaly future, and I will keep searching for more blues videos:-)




Dan "The Man" said...

Man that is a lot of posting. Well you have got some years on me but it's just cool that someone is posting that much on the Blues.

Dy-sphoric said...

That is good news. I will admit that I was not a true Blues lover until I found this Blog. Now, I really appreciate the Blues and all that it inspires.

juliegr said...

Congratulations on your BIG DAY --Post wise ;) We Taylor Hicks fans appreciate all you've done to promote his music and believe me you are in for a TREAT when his new album The Distance comes out.

Included on this album are some fantastic blues and R&B songs -- Woman's Gotta Have It; Ain't Seen Hide Nor Hair of My Baby; and a ballad of note -- What's Right Is Right.

I've heard three of these songs and they are outstanding.

Thanks for the recognation, support and shoutouts.


Gary Fletcher said...

Hey Tom,
Congratulations on a great achievement. Keep those fingers typing the blues...