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Friday, December 5, 2008

Taylor Hicks: Living For The City

I haven't heard much from Taylor Hicks, or his fans. I need some new links kids:-) I don't have this one so here you go! Taylor Hicks singing some Stevie Wonder. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Blues Historian! Taylor's new cd The Distance comes out February 10th & his new single will be available January 6th. I hope you check it out.

Anonymous said...

How about Taylor's rocking version of White Christmas. Starts out like the traditional White Christmas. By the end, the harp is out, and he's blowing the roof off. Dance like no one's watching, Taylor!

Anonymous said...

YEAH...follow that link to White Christmas and hang in there. Taylor frequently starts out standard then cuts loose midway, and the cutloose is worth it...believe me...always. LOVE that link.

Anonymous said...

Ha! The infamous purple jacket!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Rod Stewart singing on one of the dance shows a few weeks after Taylor wore this jacket on AI. Rod had on an identical jacket, white shirt, jeans. I guess our Taylor is a trend setter.

Anonymous said...

Taylor said in a recent interview that you can't take the 'soul' out of a singer so perhaps the new cd will have some great soul music for you to enjoy. Ü

Anonymous said...

Every time I see this performance it makes me feel that 'high' once again. Not only did the average everyday guy Love Taylor But so did the celebrities. And~to see the pride in his Daddy's eyes nearly brings me to tears. America ~ We Most Definately Got It Right!!! WOOOOO

Anonymous said...

What an incredible blues singer. I hope he will be singing some blues on his new CD The Distance!! I can hardly wait. Thanks for posting Taylor.