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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cadillac Records. WHERE IS IT PLAYING!

This is not good kids. I am wanting to see Cadillac records so I can give a good review, and just like the rest of the blues movies recently I CANT FIND IT IN IOWA! In fact, the Sony home website doesn't even list where it is playing around the US. I have a feeling that this film is not going to get a very wide release, and that is too bad. You think a movie with Beyoncee would be box office, but apparently not. This happened to John Sayles Film Honeydripper as well. I would have loved to have paid my hard earned money to see it, but apparently the fat cats in Hollywood think that us hicks in Iowa are not sophisticated enough to see such a film. Heaven to Betsy we might be offended by such rockus fare! My goodness, we might close the borders and remove ourselves from the Union if such a movie were to play in Iowa. Iowa is a blues state in more ways than one. Hollywood get your head out of your (#)* and send us some blues flicks! (and I am not talking about no blue movie, if ya catch my drift:-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You mean you do not want to see "The Moon is Blue"? LOL!

Gotta love those books and movies that were banned in Boston, right?