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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

The latest from lovable Bob Dorr

Every year I know it's comin' and I try to console myself with "well, it kills off all the bugs" kind of logic, but I just never seem ready for the the first 4" of snow followed by the cold (it was freakin' 2 degrees here last night!!) I'm a cold wimp. And now, apparently I'm a whiner. And winter doesn't officially get here for another 17 days. YIKES! Fortunately, it seems there is another store in the mall that's ready to compete with the Victoria's Secret store for hot deals! Warm it up, baby! but(t) first...

Tonight (Thur) at 10pm, I'm hoping you can join me on Iowa Public Televison for the debut HD airing of the classic PBS concert: Roy Orbison & Friends, A Black And White Night. (some of Roy's friends include Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, T-Bone Burnett, K.D. Lang, all in their prime when this was shot in 1987) This will be a fundraising event for IPTV, so wear your black and white outfit and bring your check book, this is gonna be fun! Then on my Saturday night Iowa Public Radio show, the third hour (9-10p) will be a behind the scenes look at the making of that special. I'm tickled to be part of some of these new cross-promotion ideas between the public broadcasting facilities in Iowa. Just remember, none of this works without listener support. Find out more at or

Friday (12/5) is December's First Friday early evening show at The Hub, 4th and Main, in the heart of my hometown, Sparkle City USA. Because of "budgetary constraints" we'll be a 5 piece band that evening, with Bunky joining us on sax. We'll be selling merchandise for ridiculously low prices (did I mention budgetary cash flow problems?) so you can take care of your Christmas shopping right there! We play 6-9pm, pizza by the slice available at the club. Stop by after work, boogie yer scruples away while we play ya some of our Christmas songs, (presents optional) (Ho, Ho, Ho) and be home for the 10 o'clock news! Saturday we play the HyVee Xmas party in Des Moines, sorry you need an invitation for that one...

Next week we have just one gig, The ReMax Christmas party in NW Iowa (yes, you need an invitation for that one too) so there probably won't be a Blue Note...

I always hold my breath and don't "really" commit to doing another year with the band until we are offered our Iowa State Fair dates. I'm breathing easier and looking forward to the new blue year because Santa delivered what I was wishing for early this year: We'll be back at The Fair, the final weekend, Aug. 21 & 22 2009!!...

OK, I admit it, I'm a cold wimp. So walking inside the mall is where I get my exercise. This is where I spotted the Panty Party at Victoria's Secret that I was telling you about last week. Well, there's obviously a price war going on between Victoria (call her Vicki) and another women's store, way on the other end of the mall, called Christopher & Banks. Last week, the sign outside of C & B said: BOTTOMS-$19.99! Imagine the possibilities of having a Panty Party at the cheap BOTTOMS store!! But wait, there's more. Monday at C & B, the sign said TOPS 50% off (you can see that this is quickly degenerating into Bevis and Butthead type humor can't you?) but today, it said TOPS AND BOTTOMS 50% off. Now this leads me to the age old question, does the optimist say that the top is half off or half on? And when the price of those bottoms goes back to $19.99 does that mean that bottoms are up?...

My head is 's'plodin' with the off and on possibilities. Perhaps I should have a glass of warm milk and CAKE and get some sleep. I'll be talkin' to yas on IPTV later tonight, see ya in Sparkle Town on Friday, watch out for those icy Blue Highways, rub yer zydeco tie for heat, go ahead and have CAKE, even tho' the doctor says that's a no-no, (calories don't count during the holiday season, do they?) and always know that we love you...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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