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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bob Dorr And the Blue Band Update

A note from Bob Dorr and The Blue Band

Plain and simple. Just some notes of interest... We're having some trouble with the email list and the Post-a-note page on our website. This is particularly frustrating for someone like me who is still living in the analog world. (playing harmonica and being a radio announcer was "cutting edge technology" in the early 1900s wasn't it?) I was perturbed when I got notes from about 20 people saying they were not getting their weekly dose of Blue Propaganda, but when I got an email from my Aunt Dolores saying she wasn't getting the note, THAT GOT MY ATTENTION! Unfortunately, when the Geeks start talkin' about "cold fusion" it just brings on "con fusion" to me. So, once again, if you didn't get this note, let us know (huh?)...Actually, if this is the first note you've gotten in a month, let us know that too, so that we know we're on the right path in getting these notes delivered to everyone... First, thank you for your pledges of support for the radio shows last weekend. Altho' we were a ways off the record pace of two years ago, we did get enough pledges to pay for the production of the shows for the next 6 months. In the current economy, I'd say that was really generous (and job saving) of you. I get to see how the News Team does it (!) during the next few days, as I'll be pitching with Pat Blank during the All Things Considered show Thurs. afternoon 4-7pm and then driving to Iowa City so I can join Al Kern on the Morning Edition show, live from Iowa City at 8AM!!! This will be the first time that I'm up, awake and (maybe) functioning at 7:30 in the morning in recent (and long term) memory. I stay and help fundraise the afternoon talk shows until 1pm. If you haven't pledged yet, find the necessary info and/or listen on line at Saturday night (10/25) marks The Blue Band's return to one of my favorite new indoor spots to play, The Screaming Eagle bar and grill, 228 E. 4th St. in Waterloo. The food is excellent, the decor is great, their house sound system pumps the band around to all levels and video screens allow you to watch the band in the downstairs game room. The people that work there are fabulous and we'll have the full six piece band with Al and Bunky in the horn section. We play 9-1. Find out more on the club at After that, we don't currently have a gig until the Friday Evening Club show (6-9pm) at The Hub on 11/7 followed by our return to Riverside Casino on Sat. 11/8. We've still got way too many open dates for the holiday season. Keep us in mind for that Christmas party at your mansion outside of town... I have been wondering what we were gonna do for our Famous Dave's gig in Minneapolis on Nov. 22, since neither Heath nor Al are available for that job (damn, it woulda been good to deliver the "A Team" to the #1 Blues Club in the Twin Cities) Fortunately, it's NATHAN to the rescue!! Nate just moved to Denver CO after spending the last year in Austin TX. Denver is a Hub City for the airlines. So is Minneapolis. So Nathan has agreed to fly in and do the date at Famous Dave's!! I'm still looking for a 6th band member, but at least I know we're gonna have some great players with us at Dave's! Nathan also will be joining us for New Year's Eve (and yes, the return of 2 Bobs & A Nate happens in Chequers Lounge for the Dec. 30 pre-party) AND, speaking of NYE, my favorite local band from Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Checker and the Bluetones has just been added to the lineup!! The Hotel Fort Des Moines is gonna be rockin' again this year! Get your reservations soon... I have been having some (minor) (I hope) health issues the last few months. Enough to schedule my first visit to a doctor in 3 years. I really dislike the poking, (watch out for that "magic finger") prodding, and blood work that's done for a physical examination. (not too fond of the 12 hour fasting that has to happen before you walk in the examining room, either) So far, I've been following the idea that if you don't go to a doctor, they can't tell you something's wrong with you. If you DO go to the doctor, he tells ya to stop doing stuff that ya like (sex, drugs, CAKE, and rock'n'roll) and start doing stuff that ya don't like (broccoli, push ups, get to sleep early) and then he schedules extra stuff that is unpleasant (colonoscopy) and all of a sudden, I'm ready to cancel that Monday afternoon appointment! I'll let you know what's up next week... Since we don't have a gig next week (unless you need a last minute band for that Halloween costume party at your haunted house on the hill) next week's note will be the Politico Note that I've been warning you about. If you don't want to hear about it, just delete next week's note. Otherwise, both major parties are fair game... See yas on the Blue Highway, keep rubbin' that washboard, celebrate the end of Iowa Public Radio on-air fundraising by bringing CAKE to the gig (before the doctor tells me I can't have any) and always remember we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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