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Monday, July 21, 2008

Joe Bonamassa In The Wall Street Journal

Ok, so it is just a part of the website of the Wall Street Journal, called Market Watch, but it still features Joe Bonamassa. Joe is quietly becoming on of the great blues guitarists. One of the reasons I think he has such a great fan base is his work with blues in schools, and workshops. One of which is the topic of the Market Watch webpage. (click here) Joe is appearing at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood. Yup, not sure how accredited they are as a place of higher learning, but if you want to play guitar professionally, why not:-) Of course most of us went to the school of hard knocks. Living in vans, playing for gas money, and begging for food:-) I think one of the greatest gigs that I ever had was with John Paul Drum, and Mark St. James. They had a band called lonesome and Dangerous. We played at a place called the Cajin Bistro in Kansas City every Tuesday night, that offered us free food, and whatever came through the door. Most nights we were lucky to get five bucks, but boy did we eat good that summer!

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