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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Blues Videos

I am going to take a break with artist of the week for the summer. I am just to busy to keep it going. However, the videos are still down there on the right side of the blog. I also may make a few more changes around here over the next few days.

Also if you are sending video links. Please see if you can find it from any other source other than Youtube. Youtube basically is giving away your personal information to Viacom and why would you want them to have it! I know that most of you have nothing to worry about since you are not posting copywrite material. However, you never know with the big music corporations. So perhaps it is better to be safe then sorry. Personally, I prefer Dailymotion. It is out of France and say what you want about the French, but they still value liberty. Besides, Dailymotion videos are better quality then Youtube, so if you are sending links to videos PLEASE NO MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS:-)


Unknown said...

YouTube is pretty much what people use these days. No YouTube videos will probably limit what you get.

I agree with you about the crappy quality. I see my videos on a 55" HD TV and in divx which I would be happy to send to you but if I want to draw attention to artists (which I do) YouTube is the most well known.

Blues Historian said...

Hi Jan

I think the problem for this site is that half the videos that I posted over the year I used Youtube were deleted. It makes it hard on people who come into my site to see videos of blues and half of them dont work. I also don't like how they caved into Viacom.

However, I do realize I will have to post a few from Youtube since that is the only place some videos like your very good ones are. Plus I dont think youtube will delete your videos since I assume you have permission from the artists to promote their material.

Thanks for doing a great job. you are the best!!!!