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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks: Low Down

Just got this in an email of a video of Taylor Hicks and his band in rehearsal. According to the emailer they got the okay to post this so here it is. This is a great soul tune by Hicks. BTW, if you do own the video and want it pulled contact me please.


caryl said...

This looks like one of Gray's! I've never seen it before. Love it! Can I post it on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Ah! I think this was the first time we really saw Taylor "in his element". Love it!

Anonymous said...

A blast from the past! Thanks, Bluesman, for the TH soul fix!

tishlp said...

Yes, that is Gray Charles' video. He made a whole string of videos at the rehearsals for the tour. They were originally posted at YouTube by Gray Charles.

Taylor Hicks just living the music, nothing like it.

Blues Historian said...

HI Caryl

I don't own the video, but if it is on Youtube already, then it is probably okay. You should be able to download the video with your flashplayer of choice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Caryl- haven't seen it in so long. These rehearsal vids were great- but I always wondered why Taylor was sitting- it's so obvious he wants to get up and dance. Great find.

Anonymous said...

I think it was on Youtube, but I think it was removed. I always hoped it would be included as an extra on the DVD.

Anonymous said...

I'll correct myself. Parts on youtube as part of a vid. It's mixed in with South Park.

juliegr said...

Fantastic video of Taylor enjoying the recording process. I'd never heard this song before and immediately wanted to hear more of ths Taylor Hicks persona. Thanks for the replay, Bluesman.

caryl said...

The video must belong to Gray Charles (he doesn't like us to use his real name). I doubt Taylor bought everything when the site shut down. If he doesn't complain than we're golden. (maybe he sent it to you)

I couldn't embed the video on my blog, but I posted a link which sends people here. It's too fun to miss!

Thanks for thanking me, sallyannlady, but thankfully bluesman put on his thanking hat and posted this thankorific video. Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...