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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blues Historian Review: Dave Spector, Live In Chicago

Delmark records has yet another great DVD in what is a series of live club shows of blues artists in Chicago. The latest is Dave Specter: Live In Chicago. Since I have been having one of those crazy summers, I haven't had the time to watch this, but in the last week I got the opportunity to watch it twice, and I was glad I did. Dave Specter is a great guitarist who's band backs up three different artists at Buddy Guy's Legends, and the legendary Rosa's Blues Lounge. The Dvd starts out with Dave and the band doing the instrumental Boss Funk/ Riverside Ride. The band is tight and Specter has the tone of a master. Then What Love Did To Me, How I Got To Memphis, and What's Your Angle feature the vocals and harmonica playing of Tad Robinson. I like Robinson's vocals and his harp playing fit the band like a glove. The band then plays the instrumental Texas Top, before the legendary Jimmy Johnson closes out the set at Buddy Guy's legend with Out On The Road, Feel So Bad, and You Don't Love Me. Johnson still has the magic, and the band really makes him look great. The show then moves to Rosa's and starts with Specter and the band playing The Hollywood Park Shuffle, and Is What It Is. The Sharon Lewis comes on and smokes on her set of In Too Deep, Every Goodbye Ain't Gone, and Angel.

I really enjoyed this DVD, Specter has a tight band and I like how he makes he guests sound great. Backing up different artists is one of the great pleasures of being a bluesman. In fact, I believe that is what really set apart blues performers from other artists. In all my years of playing I have seen younger players backing up older performers, and making them look good, and if an elder blues player walks in the door, he is always welcome to come on stage. There is this respect and love of older players that is unlike any other type of music. In other forms of music the players are so concerned about their own careers, and fans, that they have no time for the elders of their music. Dave understands the blues and what is going on when he plays with other players, and in my book this disc is a treasure.

To buy the DVD Click HERE.

For the CD of the same show Click HERE.

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