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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internet Issue And Illness

Boy, was yesterday was a bad day. First the internet has been down for a couple of days due to some idiot cutting the fiber optics cable in Sioux City. Oooops! That really sucked. Then by evening I started feeling pretty bad and ended up with a fever and shakes. I hope it was a 24 hour bug because I do feel a little better this morning. So I finally get around to trying to get on the internet, and then I have connectivity problems, which to be honest was one my end, and my Windows XP. Then my Windows Onecare started acting up and just grinded away for a long time. So while I am messing with that I am watching cable TV, when all of a sudden it goes off the air. I could hear voices from outside near the cable box, and by the time I get out their the guy has left and put a cap on my cable! This is the second time these guys have done this. It is the upstairs people who they are suppose to disconnect not me! The last time they did this I just pulled the filter off myself, but guess what, they have new filters! They just spin and spin! So I call up the cable guys and they are suppose to fix it, but you know how slow those guys are. So at least I can post some news and update the blog. YIKES!

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