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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blue Band Update

The latests from Bob Dorr

lots of good news this week, let's get right to it.

Jay Stoddard and the Sturgis Falls Committee, with the help of the City of Cedar Falls, (they don't call it Sparkle City for nuthin'!) and The Hub (our Friday Afternoon Club home) have combined to give many of the canceled bands in Tourist Park for Sturgis Falls Days a place to play during this year's festivities. We will play our regular Sunday evening slot (6/29), starting at 6:00pm, right after Kevin Burt & The Instigators. A modest cover charge ($5) will go to help pay the bands and defer expenses. Hope to see you there, the reunion atmosphere of "Sturgis" always makes for a great time. (don't believe any of those stories you hear about me and the basement of Stebs-those are all fabrications)...

But that's AFTER our Saturday afternoon show (6/28) at the Legendary KGGO-FM Summer Jam. We're on the bill with Blackfoot, Nazareth, and the latest incarnation of Bad Company. The event has been moved out to the Blank Park Zoo area in south Des Moines because Waterworks Park has been given the works by flood waters. We play 1:15-2:15p, so GET THERE EARLY!! More info/tix:

Tonight (Thursday) is a private, invitation only kind of thing, which actually starts a string of 7 dates in 10 days for The Blue Band. Wow, it's just like we're a real band again! And surprise-surprise, Nathan Peoples is going to join us for most of those seven dates! He and Theresa are coming back to Ioway for a couple weeks of visiting and Nate's consented to leading the horn section for the time he's back...

But wait, there's MORE good news! We've found replacement work for the canceled 4th of July festivities in Windsor Heights! Many of you probably remember the voice of Colleen Devine on radio in north east and north central Iowa. She now helps manage/book a place in Clear Lake called Paradise Parties Events Center, located at 1025 N. 8th St., Clear Lake. ( Somehow, she has managed to put together Budweiser, Ace Insurance, and Skott and Anderson Architects of Mason City to sponsor The Blue Band for an early evening show (5-8pm) (right before the fireworks over the Lake) at The Events Center! Colleen is truly divine!...

So that means the schedule is: 6/26 Privarte party 6/28 KGGO Summer Jam 6/29 Sturgis At The Hub 7/2 Porky's Patio Parkinglot Party 7/3 Grinnell Thursday in the Park 7/4 Paradise Parties Event Center, Clear Lake 7/5 Private Party.

Add this schedule to my regular radio shows AND hosting the morning talk show (The Exchange) one day a week (YIKES-that starts next Tuesday!) (at 10am-DOUBLE YIKES!!) and all of a sudden I'm a busy guy...

Speaking of which, I gotta go read the book by the author I'm sposed to be interviewing next Tuesday (TRIPLE YIKES!!!-most of you know the some total of my reading is done 5 minutes a day in the bathroom and that's usually to find out if The Cubs are still in first place or how the Packers are going to manage without Brett Favre!)...

Hopefully there will be a couple of minutes to write another Blue Note next week. If not, you know where we'll be, so get out and get into it! See yas on the 10mpg Blue Highway, (remember, every $4 at the tip jar gets us another 10 miles down the road!) Keep playin' yer zydeco tie (rub at The Hub) I hope none of yer firecrackers are duds, Red, White and Blue CAKE would be appropriate for the coming week, (you didn't think I'd forget about CAKE, did you?) and always remember, we love you...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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