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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Honey Boy Edwards/Bobby Rush Article

I found this article from the Globe and Mail in Canada about delta blues. I really don't agree with some of the article. One of the ideas is that African Americans have abandoned acoustic blues. I suppose to a reporter in Canada who doesn't specialize in blues (ie to lazy to Google it) Honey boy maybe the end of the line, but if he were to look at this website he would see quite a few African American acoustic blues performers. Just off the top of my head, I can think of Corey Harris, Keb Mo, Jerry Ricks (who just passed on last week) and quite of few of RL Burnsides kids (and he had a lot of them:-) perform acoustic blues. Heck, Keb Mo who can play Robert Johnson note, for note, including the mistakes!:-) But, hey it ruins the script that journalists love to right. African American abandon the blues, and white folks save it from the historical rubbish heap. What a load of BS. I Know the reporter is just trying to write some poetic article about the blues, but please, do a little bit of research before you start waxing poetically.

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