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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Taylor Hicks: The Right Place

I posted the version from the View HERE. This version was shot by Stacey who was nice enough to share the link with me. Enjoy Taylor live in Biloxi Mississippi.


Judy said...

Fabulous!! Thanks Bluesman for posting. Taylor is just the BEST. I just linked to your site!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just Wow!

Thanks, Bluesman.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I love the song,the voice and the emotion of his performance.This is Taylor at his ultimate best ! Thanks for posting this Bluesman !

Anonymous said...

This is great. I can't stop listening to it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the video, bluesman. This was one of my favorite performances of The Right Place that he did on tour, and he was sick no less.

My favorite is still from The View with just himself and Loren Gold on the piano. Absolutely beautiful...sometimes simple really is better. Singing it straight and simple, like on The View, has such a powerful impact...just some words from the soul, the sweet sound of the harp and a tickling of the ivories.

That's real music right there.

Anonymous said...

What a voice! I love the harmonica added to this song, it really brings that soulful part out. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, really like this guy.
Glad you're posting him.