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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back Log On Reviews! Myspace gone!! ACK!!!

I want to thank the Soul Searchers, and Back Door Slam for providing me with their CDs to review. I promise this weekend I will get it done. I will be on the road all weekend, so I will listen to these great gems! I have heard the Soul Searchers self titled CD Soul Searchers, twice already and I can tell you that it is an outstanding disk, but I need one more listen:-) I should have something posted Sunday or Monday Night:-)

I took my Myspace page down. It seemed to be a bit redundant with this blog and the myspace page. Also far more people read the blog, then check out my myspace page, so if I really want people to know what is going on with my band, this is the spot to put it in:-) Perhaps this summer when I have more time I will revive my Myspace page, but for now this is where you can get your news about my band.

BTW, I will be performing November 17th at the Gathering Place in Cherokee Iowa. It is a very nice small performance place located in NW Iowa. The show is at 7pm. I have worked out a lot of my old music that I wrote over the last 20 years, so anyone who remembers the old band might want to check this out!


Unknown said...

Tom: I would love to check out your band but Iowa is a bit far from Austin. Maybe you should post some samples of your music on the blog :)

Blues Historian said...

HI Jan

There are free samples at the bottom of the blog in the snocap player. It should play about 30 seconds of each song. I hope this summer to have my myspace page back which I use to have four songs free to download there.