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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another The Blues Are Dying News Article

haven't seen this for a few months, so it was probably over due. Another interesting article on the death of the blues. In this case it is on the lack of black audiences. I don't have an answer for that one, but I do know that getting younger people to play the blues is one answer. Also Corey Harris, Keb Moe, and all of RL Burnsides descendants in the hill country of Mississippi are keeping the blues alive. So playing the blues can be remedied. However, getting people out to the clubs is another. I think with blues, it is an older audience that you need to attract. eventually people out grow rap, and contemporary R&B. They need something that speaks to them. Blues and Jazz do just that. It is also not only the black community that needs to come out and support Jazz and Blues, but it is everyone that needs to come out. Blues clubs are hurting everywhere. Once again, blues is a cycle. It is a down cycle now, but I expect things to pick up. It always does, and it will again.

Read the Article from the Broward Palm Beach New Times HERE.

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