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Friday, February 4, 2011

Taylor Hicks: Various Jamming With Taylor Hicks

After the first couple minutes of a video montage, the live video kicks in.  Watch the volume because it will jump up at ya during the switch if you are not paying attention!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff. If you enjoy this genre of music, Taylor can "jam" with the best of 'em.


tishlp said...

Taylor introduced me to the jam band scene when he jammed with Widespread Panic after winning AI. The great thing about the Jam Cruise is that it includes jam, soul, funk & blues bands. And like cath said, Taylor can jam with the best of them. Thanks for posting the video.

Gr8fulheart said...

Whoa! I never knew what a 'jam band' was until after I was 'introduced' to it by Taylor Hicks. If this is what its about ~ Count Me In! Looks like he was truly in his 'zone' once again.
Thanx Tom♥

medolark said...

Thanks Tom. we appreciate your support. Taylor sure makes that harp wail. Ü