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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

From Bob Dorr

Did ya miss me? You'll have to take better aim next time... This is going to be such a fantastic weekend. I hope you can be part of it. I finally got the band truck (Larry) dug out from the latest snow/blizzard this afternoon and I think the path down the alley is wide enough to make it to the street so I can get to the February First Friday Geeezer Gig at The Hub, bub, on the notorious corner of 4th & Main, right here in Sparkle City USA. We start playing at 6pm and if Al has his way, we'll be playing until 4:30 on Saturday morning, but we'll probably be finished by 9:30p so you can catch the 10 o'clock news. Great in-house sound system, run by skilled professionals, with a fabulous bar staff, pizza by the slice, and a spacious dance floor packed by longtime friends and neighbors. It's predicted to be the nicest weather day of the week so what's not to like, right Avis? And Avis and her husband Bob are back from their golfing trip with Alice Cooper in Palm Springs (ok, I know I'm prone to exaggeration, errr, writer's embellishment, but that's for real, Avis has pictures) and we're hoping that Bob brings out the green guitar (this week painted with gold stripes and emblazoned with the Packer G) just so I can hear that cool rhythm guitar part he does on Good Legs. But we're hoping Avis leaves her new pet toad at home. Mark is still being held kidnapped in an undisclosed location in a double wide trailer somewhere in western Florida, so our friend Muddy Watson is driving in from Des Moines to play bass and Eddie McKinley will join Al in the horn section. If you bring CAKE the night will be complete...
Then, Saturday night, I've been given the OK by Iowa Public Radio to do my Backtracks rock 'n' roll history show LIVE!! This often results in a RequestFest, so call me at 800-772-2440 ext. 5. The show runs 7-10pm CST. Advance requests usually make it easier for me to find and play your requested tune. You can do that by simply replying to this note or email me at my official radio address at Remember, the show deals exclusively in songs that are at least 25 years old. And next Saturday (2/12) will be the annual Rock'n'Roll LUV show so feel free to let me know your favorite LUV song so I can include it in that Valentine edition of the program. Get the IPR frequency in your area or listen anywhere on the planet (except Egypt) at
And then. Super Sunday. With two of my favorite teams. Every year I love to watch this game at home by myself with every TV in the house tuned to the game with the volume set on MAX!!! That is as close as I'll ever get to a luxury suite at The Super Bowl. This is the first year I have a High Definition TV I can watch it on. (my friend Diane, the self proclaimed "grammer nazi", is gonna have a fit with that sentence) It's not near as big as the HDTV my friend Bear has (Jimminey Christmas, he had to knock down a wall to bring that TV in the house!) This will be the first such Super Bowl that my wife and I will be living in the same house. I wonder how that's gonna go over since she doesn't give a damn about football. I am hoping for a double overtime game, finally won by the Packers 51-49 on a safety by Charles Woodson, tackling Roethlisberger one yard deep in the end zone after the third string substitute center for The Steelers is pushed back on Ben's foot by Clay Matthews...
Also wanted to draw your attention to next Friday night, 2/11. We have been invited, for the first time, to be part of the Waterloo Center For The Arts Winter Music Series. This is a fun way to try and raise some funds for The Center. This is an all ages dance so bring the kids and grandkids. Advance tickets are only $5, they'll be $8 at the door. The Cedar Valley Pulse Magazine is offering a chance to win free tickets, you can register for that at the deadline for that drawing is Tuesday the 8th. The event runs 7-11p, we play 7:15-10:45p. With arts funding down from government sources, it's up to all of us to keep things going, please help us help the arts. Get more information at 319-291-4490 or
It's really the good news and the bad news on booking shows for this 30th anniversary year. We added a few more really cool summer dates since the last note, but it's a VERY sparse looking March/April. Please continue to tell your company party planners, local casino talent buyers, (can you believe we get to be part of Blues Weekend at Riverside Casino? Robert Cray, Jonny Lang, John Mayall, Shemekia Copeland! YIKES!) block party organizers, and favorite nightclubs about us. Or how 'bout that house or deck party at your mansion on the outskirts of town? Start your Blue Booking adventure at and then make me an offer I can't refuse, especially if it's in March or April!...
So I want to complain about the weather, but I think you've heard enough about that from EVERYONE ELSE! Really, show of hands here, who else is ready to go looking for Mark in Florida and maybe catch a few spring training games? (and I don't even LIKE baseball) I thought last winter was bad. I saw on the local weather station where Sparkle City has seven more inches of snow at this time of year than it did last year. And it's only the 4th of February. Damn the swarms of snowflies...
See ya on the Blue Highway (if I can see around the mounds of snow piled on all the corners between here and The Hub) Rub yer washboard tie to the tune of There's No Business Like Snow Business, bet on the team that has gold as part of their team colors on Sunday, remember, every Super Bowl party goes better with CAKE and don't forget we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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