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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mac Walton (MacDaddy) RIP

I can't remember if I found MacDaddy, or he found me. I just remember the first time I saw his website, and we had the same blogger template, that we must be kindred spirits. MacDaddy loved the blues and jazz, and without a doubt he wrote some of the most powerful essays on the music. Far better than anything I could do. He would send me links to some of his best stories and I would post them to my blog.

I guess I like most of his readers was shocked to learn that he had been so sick. I certainly didn't think that the last email I would get from him would come on December 7th. It was one of his last posts.

FYI: Thought you might like this.


Listen up: A friend emailed a brotha saying Luther Vanddross's song to his father was his favorite and asked "Who is your favorite?" I told him mine was Nina Simone's rendition of " I love you, Porgy."

Here are the words to the song:
I loves you, Porgy,
Don' let him take me,
Don' let him handle me an' drive me mad.
If you kin keep me,
I wants to stay here wid you forever,
An' I'd be glad.

I loves you, Porgy,
Don' let him take me
Don' let him handle me
With his hot han'
If you kin keep me
I wants to stay here wid you forever.
I got my man.

What's your favorite song?

Mac Walton
blog address:

I wish I had posted it then.

I will miss Mac, it is sad to see another blues traveler leave, but since you are up there make sure to say hi to my old friend Jimmy.

God bless you.


1 comment:

Vigilante said...

Yes. A devastating loss. Mac brought so many of us together. I had assumed that we would have so much more time to enjoy his mind; he complained so little, his passing took us so unprepared.