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Friday, November 6, 2009

It's not Robert, but it sure looks cool!

A few years ago there was a brief stir created by a short film clip of a young bluesman. It does look like Robert Johnson, especially the extremely long fingers, but some pointy head academics ruin it:-) (as a pointed head academic I say that with love:-) Like most reality based fun spoilers, they did some research, and low and behold, they figure out the EXACT DATE, that the movie was filmed. So either Robert Johnson rose from the dead, faked his death, or ITS NOT ROBERT JOHNSON:-)

However, it is still a nice clip of a bluesman from the early 40s.


MacDaddy said...

I couldn't get any sound.

Blues Historian said...

HI MacDaddy

It is working now.

If it still isn't working try double clicking on the video. That should take you to Youtube. If the video still has no sound, then double click on your speaker icon at the bottom of your tool bar. Check and see if one of the volume has been turned down, or if the mute box has been checked.

If things are still not working let me know I am sure we can figure it out:-)